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CROWDRISE : Jun 25, 2015
Tax ID: 20-2864278
BASED: Lincoln, NH, United States


Pemi Search & Rescue

An all-volunteer team that assists NH Fish & Game with woodland search and rescue missions in Franconia Notch and all of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The video on this page shows a typical carry out -- tedious but necessary. The special "tent" over the litter costs about $800. This one was borrowed from another agency due to forecast of several inches of rain during the mission.

     The Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team is a volunteer organization that formed in 2005 to assist with woodlands searches for lost or missing persons and with carry outs of injured people. In our first ten years of operation, we responded 200 times to search for and/or rescue people in need.  The primary response area for the team is Grafton County and the western side of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, including Franconia Notch, the Franconia Ridge, Garfield Ridge, Kinsman Ridge, Zeeland Falls, and Pemi Wilderness. 

     In order to field a team, we need just about $2,500 per year for operating expenses.  Our computerized callout system that gets volunteers to the rescue location costs $750 per year.  We insure our Board of Directors for "errors and ommissions" to the tune of about $750 per year also.  While working directly on a rescue, team members are covered for injury by the State of NH.  But when we have meetings and training sessions, there is no State provided coverage, so the team purchases separate accident coverage for team members at about $500 per year.  As a non-profit organization, we must file forms with the State each year and, somewhat ironically for a non-profit, pay a filing fee that is around $150.  We spend about $300 per year on food and drinks at search and rescue scenes.  No money is provided to individual team members for their service or their equipment.  

     In addition to annual operating costs, we have some team equipment that needs updating and/or repair including a litter (just replaced after 10 years at a cost of $2,300), ropes, GPS devices, avalanche terrain packs (beacon, probe, shovel), emergency bivvy shelters, first aid equipment and supplies.

     We receive no funding from the State, not even from the HikeSafe card program.  Any donations received will be used to help others in need.  Thank you for your support!

Tax ID: 20-2864278 •


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