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Therapy and special care for a special child!

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Please Read Angela's Story:

Penelope was born perfect; Apgar scores of 8/9 with pink skin and healthy cry. I felt like my hard work had paid off.  I rushed home to begin my life as a Mommy.

     She developed faster than most:

began signing at 3 months to get needs met (Momma, Dadda, Milk, Pain, Bath).  - By 4 months, Penelope started talking and left us breathless. (Momma, Daddy, Night-Night, Milk, Pain, Bath, cat, book) - Started using sign language even more efficiently after that introducing words like diaper and change.   - By 10 months, our daughter was reading about 60 sight words. By the age of 1 year she was reading at about a kindergarten level and had literally hundreds of words in her functional vocabulary.   She walked normally and had imaginary play and artistic play much more quickly than others. 

Pretty Amazing right? Yeah we thought maybe we took the wrong baby home from the hospital.....

     She always had a very weak belly and we had to be very careful about her diet.  I went through MONTHS of colic!  It seems like it happened all at once that she couldn't eat or digest solid foods. 

One by one, every food she loved made her sick and: - she stopped talking  developed a severe limp     - displayed signs of vertigo or severe dizziness and had to often use a wall or furniture to stand or walk without falling over
- violent twitch
   - Severe charlie horses, muscle cramping and loss of muscle tone
- couldn't fall or stay asleep
She stopped smiling 
   - stopped making eye contact stopped responding to her name or even trying to get her needs met! 
curled in a ball and rocked and said "pain" over and over 
   - her entire body swelled up and retained fluids

We went back and forth to doctors but because her symptoms on paper looked like "autism" no one listened to us just equating the food issues and the talking to the autism experience and they overlooked all other symptoms as just coincidental and not correlated. She lost pound after pound and one by one doctors would mention Autism before even seeing our child! At one point she was in the 10th percentile (failure to thrive) and failing fast. 

Studies have PROVEN that intolerances and allergies like Celiacs disease and soy intolerances (one of the ones my daughter has) can cause or mimic autism like disorders!  The sad reality however is that there are many doctors who either don't believe that or aren't up to date on new research.  It turns out that a severe food intolerance was doing damage to her body and brain and as a result we now have a Sensory Processing and Integration disorder.  She has issues with walking and using her arms.    
We still don't have a diagnosis as to what is really going on with her but once we removed sugars and put her on the Elemental formula she began talking again and we saw improvements in her motor control!  She cannot eat solid foods at all without becoming physically ill and her blood tests show all sorts of issues. Her doctors are leaning toward a very rare condition known as HFI (hereditary Fructose Intolerance) which can lead to early liver disease and death.

We just want to heal her.  At this point having a child who can read at the age of two seems silly compared to the value of having a HEALTHY child! We used to worry about her fitting in with her peers when they can barely talk let alone comfortable in two languages and reading, now we just want her to EAT!
Her formula that is necessary to keep her healthy is 50 dollars a can! Can you believe that? I went from having a baby I could breastfeed and keep very healthy with a hand made organic diet, tons of yummy whole a child that can't tolerate anything in my diet and now has to have a liquid diet?  I just want her better but it is going to cost thousands of dollars. Why? One word...Insurance. We have it but there are co-pays and out of network doctors and uncovered tests and reimbursements 
  Please help us heal our daughter!  Take a few moments to visit our Youtube page and share your prayers with Mom and Dad and Penny!   I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for the positive energy and the donation! 

Benefit fund created for our daughter Penelope in the hopes to have enough money to get her tested and to be able to travel back and forth to hospitals and doctors without worry!


**Im a Friend Trying To Help Out My Family Friend** - Max Baker




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