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Sarah Carter was born with Neurofibromais Type 1; a genetic disorder which an upsidedown chromosone causes the body to accept bad radicials and cancer cells instead of rejecting them causing tumors to grow , miligment or bionine, genearlly located in the spine, lungs, nervous system, lympyhnods, neck and brian but may occur throughout the body; In Nov. 2011 she was became a patient of the brian and spine M.D. Anderson cancer center. Cancer cells had attached to a large spinal nervestealth mass , right lung and brian. The side effects from the spinal tumor caused many dailey abilities to become very diffcult as well as the pain . Pressure from the brian tumors started a number of diffrent complications including vision, seziure disorders, confusion short term meomery loss ect. She had devoted her life To her 5 Wonderful children 4 boys and one percious angelic girl. Her oldest son only 10 that nov of 2012 , 9 yr. old daughter, 4 yr.old son, and 2 yr. old identical twin boys she learned each had a 50% chance of being dignosed with NF type one as well. But knowing the family you would never have had a hint of the health fears they suddenly had been faced with always happy positive hopeful helpful to others proud close and keept god and thier faith so close at thier hearts. She had began rasing them alone physically and fiancly after divorcing in 2010 the twins just a few months old. Later that summer on July 4th 2010 she lossed her mother after she battled throat cancer that quickly spread unexpectitly . I remember hearing someone ask her " Sarah how do you do it all between the kids , home and cancer? " Her replie was if we each were to throw up our hands and say "i can't!" in lifes challenges we would be doubting Gods Knowlegde, love and faith for us. Though I don't understand his greater plan for me in life , or my childrens ..I do know he thinks very highly of me to give me such a challenge and in giving me My kids as such an honroable gift of uncondisional blessings possibly faceing the same health disorder in life ..I'm certin he has a very special specific plan for us all as a family and through these leaps and bounds struggles and triumphs accompained by this challenge something so unbeliviably awsome will present itself and need our courage , faith , and strength to see it through. Then we will procliam true Victory!.Now She's faced with so many fincail diffculties built up through thr years and is in need of a little help , Affording a big enough home for her children , a family vechicle to fit them all with good gas milage, the expense of football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, dance , chior, band for the very deserving kids to have the opurtunity and fun within thier community. Gifts on birthdays and christmas traveling expenses for Sarah and each one of the children to and from the medical center for the needed medical care, and a quilified nanny to fill in caring for the kids durning times she's unabale do to medical appointment, travel, surgries, and treatments all adds up . I couldn't think of a more apperciative deserveing family in need of help to just maintain a normal ordaniary day that many of us take for granted. If You are able to help small or large each donation will be more than apperciative and as a thank you from Sarah and her Children you will receive an 8x10 photograph of a sunset or sunrise with breathtaking beauty ,taken by Sarah,with a bible verse specially choosen by each of her children. If you would also like we will send you out an update newsletter of This familys progress in life and pictures of thier bright joyful smiles with personalized thank you of how you were able to help.we ask for quick prayer for Sarah and family with all donations and even if you are unable to fincially help at this time.


Organized by

Sarah Carter

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Sarah is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Pennies &Angel; Kisses!.

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