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Pennsbury Society

Our Animal Program here at Pennsbury is completely Volunteer-run and donation-supported. Our Animal Program is vital to the educational mission of the Pennsbury Society and our furry animal family members provide a tangible link to our historic past, are an integral part of our educational programming, and are enormously popular with visitors of all ages. Tax ID 23-6417452


Your donation to Pennsbury's Animal Fund helps provide for the ongoing care of the ever popular animals at Pennsbury Manor, this includes their tasty sweet hay, needed vet care, and soft comfy bed straw. All of our animal family members have come to Pennsbury Manor to enjoy their retirement years among loving and dedicated individuals. They have either been plucked from the auction block, rescued from adoption agencies, or have been donated. We provide them a nuturing and caring environment while they touch the hearts and minds of visitors through our school programs and 80 different cultural programs per year. From family-oriented festival days to garden workshops, distance learning, preschool events, and living history demonstrations, our animal family are a vital part of this 43-acre historic home of William and Hannah Penn; founder and first governor of Pennsylvania. Let us introduce you to our Animal Family:


Introducing the newest members of our Animal Family, lovingly called "brother and sister" for now until we find names for them. These two runts of the litter came to us on August 4th because they are too small to breed and we wanted to save them from being auctioned. "Brother" is 4 months old and is protective of his 3 month old "Sister." Both are dorest bred sheep, the same that William and Hannah Penn had here in the 17th century.  To help get these little ones settled in, we need your help in getting them nutritional hay, soft straw bedding, and materials to coyote-proof their shelter. Your donation will ensure thay have good hay through the coming winter, cover their vaccinations and vet care and buy the materials we need to make their shelter coyote and fox-proof.


Meet “Touch of Class”. Better known as “TC”, she is enjoying her retirement at Pennsbury Manor. At 22 years old, TC came to Pennsbury Manor from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, a non profit organization whose mission is to place former race horses in suitable homes. Her needs are basic: high quality hay and nutritional senior support, routine veterinarian visits. A donation of  $25 will provide TC with one bag of grain for a month, her favorite. Your generous donation of $100 a month will provide her needed hay. To keep TC healthy, Your donation of $65 will provide her needed medications. Your generous donation of $400 will provide her with routine Veterinarian visits twice a year.


Meet Bill. Bill is our 15 years young ox and he has definitely earned his retirement at Pennsbury Manor from his years of pulling tree logs out of dense forests of Maine. His needs are fairly simple: hay for eating, straw for bedding, and routine veterinarian visits. Your generous donation of $200 will provide all the needed hay for Bill’s great appetite for one month. Your donation of only $30 with provide Bill with warm, clean bedding for his shelter for a month. To keep Bill healthy, your donation of only $50 will provide him needed medications. Your generous donation of $300 will provide Bill with routine Veterinarian visits twice a year.


Meet The Ladies of the Manor. “Sophia”, one of Pennsbury Manor’s ewes, is a 8 year old Lincoln Longwool with a beautiful black face and shimmering silver wool. She and her flock require good quality hay to eat and clean straw for bedding. They also require routine veterinarian visits. Your generous donation of only $75 will provide Sophia and her flock with tasty and nutritional food for a month. Your donation of only $50 will provide The Ladies of the Manor warm, clean bedding for a month. To keep The Ladies healthy, your donation of only $35 will provide needed medications. Your generous donation of $200 will provide The Ladies with routine Veterinarian visits twice a year.


Meet Our Geese. The barnyard girls, featuring “Buttercup” maintain order on behalf of Pennsbury Manor. This task builds an appetite and soft bedding for naps. Your generous donation of only $15 will pay for Buttercup’s food for a month. Your donation of only $40will provide warm, clean bedding for Buttercup’s shelter for a month. To keep Buttercup and her fellow girls healthy, your donation of $45 a year will provide them with routine Veterinarian visits.


Meet Duo. What we do without mouse patrol in Pennsbury’s Stable? “Duo” our resident feline does a great job keeping the rodent population to a minimum while greeting all visitors to the barn yard. At six years old, Duo’s needs include a dry and wet food diet. He also loves to sleep on towels. Your generous donation of only $25 will provide Duo with nutritional food  for a month. Your generous donation of only $20 per year will provide him with his favorite sleeping need- bath towels! To keep Duo healthy, your generous donation of $150 per year will provide him with routine Veterinarian visits. Mouse patrolling is hard work!


We need your generous support in helping us provide for this wonderful and adorable animals friends. Will you lend a hand? No donation is too small. We Thank You for your donation and your support.


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