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CROWDRISE : Jun 11, 2015
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BASED: New York, NY, United States


parenting done, write.

PEN PARENTIS is a New York City-based 501c3 nonprofit that provides resources to writers to help them stay on creative track after starting a family. We extend our reach globally through technology. Our Salons are bicoastal and feature the diversity of creative work by writers who are also parents. Our core values are INCLUSION, COMMUNITY, PROFESSIONALISM, DISCIPLINE and COMPASSION.

THINGS WE DO that need your support:


THINGS WE WANT TO DO NEXT that fiercely need funds:

  • establish a means by which people in other urban centers can host literary salons that follow our model 
  • create PEN PARENTIS CHAPTERS in local communities that will follow the successful Salon model on a more intimate scale. We would love to send our more established authors to visit Pen Parentis Chapters to do special events and/or to Skype with the more far-flung Chapters.
  • RESEARCH parent-writers in an extensive interview process--individual interviews posted online on our website--that will culminate with the publication of a book analyzing the different ways that parents who write manage time, balance emotional needs, and find money on which to survive.  (IN PROGRESS!)
  • revamp our website so that we can PROVIDE ACCESS to the 135 amazing author readings in our archive as well as to the five years of archived Pen Parentis Literary Salon roundtables. Our featured authors include literary luminaries like Jennifer Egan, Darin Strauss, Victor LaValle, Emily Raboteau, Kelly LInk, Lev Grossman, Sarah Pekkanen, John Langan, Marcy Dermansky, Mira Jacob, Andre Aciman, Arthur Phillips and many, many more authors who are also parents (125+ more, in fact!)
  • RECORD our upcoming salons on video so that emerging writers who are parents that live outside of the NYC area can be inspired by the stories of established authors, just like the ones who attend our salons.


GOALS that we would love to fund:


Pen Parentis, Ltd's goals include expanding our fellowship for new parents, public promotion of member-authors’ works, inspirational panel discussions, online workshops tailored to suit the needs of authors who are also parents, and support groups for authors who feel torn between family and creative genius, not to mention grants for child-care, and ultimately, a writing center that partners with groups that provide drop-off children’s programming. We envision a world in which having a child does not preclude or impinge upon a deeply satisfying and highly productive creative career; a world in which no writer must weigh book against baby. ​



Pen Parentis (“parenting done, write.”) began active programming in January 2009 with the first Pen Parentis After Work Reading Series (now the Pen Parentis Literary Salon) in Lower Manhattan co-hosted by M. M. De Voe and then-curator Arlaina Tibensky. Subsequent parent-writer-curators have been Brian Gresko and Christina Chiu. Pen Parentis is building a new community where established and emerging authors can share tips and techniques for building or maintaining successful literary careers, despite the demands of parenting. After initially collecting a mailing list simply on the basis of the idea, an interactive website was launched in early 2010 to coincide with our first outreach for submissions. 




As is evidenced by the current size of the mailing list (greater than 1500 and growing),  and our website "hits" ("Who is Reading Next" has had 58 BILLION hits in our five year history), Pen Parentis is supported by and necessary to author/parents at all stages in their craft. Rather than quietly destroying a blossoming literary career because of mismanaged guilt, impossible time-pressures, or income issues (as so often happens), becoming a parent while remaining active artistically should be supported by an understanding community of like-minded peers. The balance of family with a creative career should be celebrated as a topic of open discussion. Our well-attended salon series (featured in The New Yorker, New York Times, and as a critic's pick in Time Out NY, as well as trending in global glosses such as Four Seasons Magazine) fosters relationships between emergent and established authors who are parents in the NYC area. Our advisory board is a who's who in the literary industry. Have a look




Please add yourself to our exalted list of donors. Why exalted? Because no one is better than the person who gives when they don't have to. That's you. YOU are our hero.  


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