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CROWDRISE : Mar 30, 2014
Tax ID: 23-7250803
BASED: Honolulu, HI, United States


Change, Not Charity.

Hawaii People’s Fund is a publicly-supported social justice philanthropy advancing a grassroots movement for Change, Not Charity™.

Hawai‘i People's Fund supports passionate, grassroots community groups working for social justice in Hawai‘i. These groups are often considered too small, too new, or too controversial by traditional funding organizations. In other words, Hawai‘i People's Fund is dedicated to the most creative, passionate, and radical visions of community. We believe in work that can bring our struggles and collective beauty together, to bravely navigate the intersections of indigeneity, environment, race, class, labor, gender, art, technology, mental health, incarceration, food, and other crucial issues we face.

Tax ID: 23-7250803 •


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