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Permanent Tent Homes for Haitian Citizens

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Unite with FOB International a Canadian Co. to " DONATE 1000 permanent tent homes to our Haitian brothers & sisters".
These tent homes are dual purpose. (Can be used as emergency home & long term permanent homes)
1) All floors done in panel (no need for cement slab)
2) All walls, interior walls and roof
3) Flooring throughout (laminate)
4) Standard bath room, toilet, sink, shower: note: no septic or well.
5) Exterior of any home, finished in a painted on stucco finish
6) All doors, windows each with screens, energy efficient.
7) Front and Back door with screen, 2 windows with screens for ventilation and a solar lighting package. The solar lighting package included all the wiring, lights batteries etc. a complete and hooked up system.

Ten (10 ) units in a block of housing similar to row or townhouse units. Each unit has panel floor (no need for cement slab), panel walls, separation wall and roof. Front and Back door with screen, 2 windows with screens for ventilation and a solar lighting package.
The solar lighting package included all the wiring, lights batteries etc. a complete and hooked up

FURNISHED UNITS: We can also furnish each unit with the following.

1) Table and 8 chairs
2) Laminated wood flooring throughout
3) Colour T.V. (small portable) along with CD player, AM/FM radio and cell phone charger system
4) 12-14' cubit refrigerator that will run off normal power supply, not solar.
5) Microwave oven, hydro powered, not solar.
6) A small propane stove that will be located at the outside of the home
7) A private porch will be created both in the front of the home and at the back of the home. A shelve will be built at the back wall of the home to allow the propane stove to sit on it for cooking.
8) 8 bunk beds will be built into each unit and will come with 8 mattresses.
9) Any unit that you wish to have larger, can be easily created as we can cut a door way into an adjacent unit, thereby creating single or double size units

Home details:

Size: 10 homes attached.(row housing)
Each home: 10' wide by 20' long...200 sq.ft.
PS: Single homes can be modified & be constructed side by side to measure (20’ X 20”… 400sq.ft ) to house large families

Building details:
Our panel is used on the floor (no need to pour a cement pad) as well as walls, dividing interior walls and roof.

Advantages of the homes:
1) Earthquake proof- (they'll float with the ground)
2) Lightweight yet 20X stronger than conventional building methods
3) Easy to erect: no special tools, equipment or skill
4) We can easily train Haitians to build these homes, thereby creating employment, we ship homes ready to assemble.
5) Mould, Fire and Water resistant... these homes will withstand anything thrown at them.
6) Leak free roof: never any need to replace. Our roofs will last indefinitely without any maintenance.
7) Hurricane proof: Unlike conventional hurricane clips that affix a small portion of the roof to the wall, our homes have full length, 16 gauge steel affixing the roof to the walls on both sides of the wall, both top and bottom.
Compression tested to 9 tons per 10 feet of panel.
8) Our homes are lightweight, 3 pounds per sq.ft. Concrete 40lbs, wood 20lbs... 2 men can easily erect a home using a step ladder in just one day.
9) Re-usable: If for whatever reason the panels come down they can be re-used again and again, unlike cement, wood etc that is damaged once and then is not reusable.
10) Energy efficient: Our panels are "green approved" no harmful CFC's are used, environmentally friendly ingredients only. Our homes heat and COOL for a fraction of the cost that conventional homes require. They are designed to keep the heat out cool in.
11) Easy to work with: any door, window or opening can easily be added to the building at any location and at any time.

INCLUDED in our special Haiti package:

All walls, roof, floor and dividing walls plus all connector steel frame and trims. Note: all trim is 16 gauge galvanized steel or better.

Two doors, exterior, front and back. Two windows front and back. Doors include locks, handles and all trims.
Windows are locking, thermal, complete with screens.
Screen doors included with exterior doors.

Solar lighting package: each home is a basic open shell that can be divided into any configuration that is desired. Two bedrooms, open space, kitchen, bath, can all be easily built within the space using any simple building supply, curtains., etc.

Each home has a complete solar lighting package equivalent to 4 --40 watt light bulbs. In addition, the solar package includes an adapter to charge cell phones.
Completely Powered by wood burning generator per 40 units.

Washroom facility, Shower Facility. With each order of 40 units I will provide a washroom and shower room facility that will include panel walls, dividing walls, roof and floor.
The facility will have 3 toilets, (privacy stalls), 3 sinks and 3 showers, (privacy stalls)... both for men and a separate divided side for women. In total 6 toilets, 6 sinks and 6 shower stalls. The unit will be complete with doors, appropriate windows and floor finish (tile). All windows will be screened.
For every 40 units, one full wash room facility will be include.


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