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The Perseus Foundation, Inc.

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Dogs have been officially serving as four-legged soldiers in the United States military since World War I. Known as military working dogs (MWDs), they stand side-by-side with our servicemen and servicewomen and are more than just their companions – they are their protectors and actively contribute to U.S. combat operations. In fact, according to the American Humane Association, each MWD saves between 150-200 lives.

Sadly, when these four legged heroes retire, medical care for life threatening conditions is not funded. It is up to their human families. The MiliDog Fund, is a program of The Perseus Foundation, established to give MWD and CWD a fighting chance against cancer. They deserve to be given the best possible care. And we will not fail them.

Engaging cancer in battle is not easy and it carries a huge emotional and financial burden.  Won't you please join our efforts in ensuring that we give these four legged heroes a fighting chance?

Thank you so much for sharing, caring and making a difference in the life of our MWDs and CWDs that are facing a cancer diagnosis and other life threatening conditions.

Fifty percent of funds raised will be shared with  The Sage Foundation for Dogs Who Serve. Their mission is to promote the welfare of dogs who have faithfully served in wars, police work, crime prevention, and rescue efforts through education and increased public awareness.