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Gold Star Family Legacy Fund




Dear Friend of Honor and Remember,

Over the past seven years since Honor and Remember was established, we have presented personalized Honor and Remember flags to more than 2,000 families from many generations. If you have attended even one of these you know the emotional impact that it leaves. More than 400 flags last year alone. I am so grateful for friends like you who have supported our mission of honoring families and their military fallen loved ones in this unique way. I’m totally amazed at what has been accomplished in a short period of time.

As you know, all of our flag presentations are done in person, often at special events or ceremonies. We customize each presentation and each flag.

People are catching the vision of Honor and Remember in numbers far beyond our expectations. Also, our flag is now officially recognized by 21 states—and counting.

This brings me to the purpose of this request. We now have a waiting list of more than 1,300 families who have requested flags—and more requests are coming in each day.

We have been moving as quickly as possible to custom-make each flag and arrange for individual presentations. Now, we have reached the point where our resources and manpower are strained to the max. We can no longer keep up with the demand for flags in a timely manner. Consequently, many dear families have been waiting more than three years for their flags. They have been so patient. They tell me that they understand…and they continue to wait but we cannot continue to build an inexhaustible waiting list.

Our mission states…It is our benevolent and long-term goal to facilitate the placement of one personalized flag in the hands of immediate families who have lost a loved one in service to the United States, regardless of generation.

That’s why I’m writing this urgent letter—to invite you to become a part of a special team to make that waiting list disappear—FOREVER!

We are asking friends of Honor and Remember to give a donation of any amount, however 1000 supporters giving $1,000 each would fully establish the Honor and Remember Family Legacy Fund. This permanent fund will become self-sustaining— fulfilling the current list and ensuring that future families will never have to face a long wait to receive their personalized Honor and Remember flags. This is a key part of our mission, and we need your help.

There is nothing more important than honoring these families, please join our Family Legacy Fund. Just one thousand dollars will help us bring tribute to each family respectfully and promptly.  Please do it now. You will make it possible for 1,200 deserving families to receive their personalized Honor and Remember flags—and you’ll be creating a legacy for every future request because of your generosity.

With your donation of $1,000, I want to thank you with these gifts of appreciation:

·  An official certificate recognizing you as a Founding Family Legacy Fund Member
·  A 3 x 5-foot Honor and Remember flag
·  An Honor and Remember dual flag lapel pin.

In addition, your name will be included on a special Honor and Remember Family Legacy Wall on our exclusive web page. Once the Family Legacy Fund has met its goal, you will have online access to regular updates regarding family flag presentations and locations of scheduled events.

Can I count on you to take this pioneering step and become a Founding  Member of the Family Legacy Fund? You have been a faithful friend, and I am calling on your support to meet this urgent and critical financial challenge—and to create a legacy that will carry our mission into the future for generations.

Thank you once again for all you have done!

Please help support this mission.
EIN: 41-2277283 • www.honorandremember.org



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