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Pet Patient Care Initiative: Pets Are Not Property, They Are Family!

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According to the law, Pets continue to be referred to as Property and if your Pet were to be wrongfully injured or killed, the majority of jurisdictions would not allow pet owners to receive damages for their emotional suffering and would only give you the replacement value of your pet. With over 124 Million Dogs and Cats in American households and over 55% of Americans willing to risk their lives for their pets, the LAWS need to CHANGE. The Pet Patient Care Initiative will give Americans a voice to advocate for their pet, while we are working to change these laws. Times haves changed. Pets are no longer pets, they are our family, our children, and the loves of our lives. Please help me give you a voice for your pet to stand up for their well being so that they are recognized as a real part of our families, not property. Pawtographs is a 501(C)(3) whose mission has to be promote and support animal rescue and welfare. We have create an initiative called Mayday Pets, helping Americans be more aware of pets that have been left behind in abandoned homes to die. As the Executive Director, I have created and initiated a House Resolution in Congress for a National Animal Rescue Day, and I am a parent to two rescued Basset Hounds, Apollo and Winslow. Apollo died at the age of 12. A Cushings disease patient, he had been diagnosed at a major institution in Pennsylvania. He had been treated in that institution 23 times for multiple situations. His last visit, he was operated on to have a non cancerous mass removed from his body. It did not need to be taken off. The resident surgeon said that she had no concerns for anesthesia, but the hospital did not account for the fact that a tumor can cause cushings, made no mention of it to us, failed to test him for it and as a result, the anesthesia activated the tumor which then killed him two months after surgery. When Apollo was immediately restless after surgery, the hospital claimed it was a neck issue. In the past if they felt it was a neck issue, they consulted with their neurologist to verify or negate the issue, they did not do that this time. They gave us medication and told us to put him in a cage. Had we put him in a cage, we would not have seen the massive amount of pacing he would have been doing. We took him to multiple facilities that failed to give us the support or direction we needed. In consulting a lawyer after this situation, with the multiple errors and negligence of the hospital, we were told that we would only be able to receive the fair market value of Apollo - and that any emotional damages would be negated. Winslow has multiple issues at the age of 13 - a heart murmur, high blood pressure, a disk issue in his back, he has issues with his eyes, gums and the list goes on. One cardiologist who had performed an echo on his heart in the vet's office where all of his records existed, had planned to take him off of Enalapril when the heart murmur did not progress past Stage 3. This was not only a drug that was working to help prevent his condition from progressing, but he was on the drug for high blood pressure. Had the cardiologist checked Winslow's records, he would have known that. Fortunately, I was aware of the situation and did not take him off of the drug. A heart Murmur is progressive. These are two primary issues we have faced, but as the Executive Director of Pawtographs, I hear multiple issues throughout the country, including a lack of current practices and procedures, an inability to contact offices due to busy signals, a lack of reference in vet's offices when it comes to patients that are frail and need to be seen more immediately. The Pet Patient Care Initiative is our first step in raising awareness to the pet care industry that pet's are not PROPERTY, they are FAMILY. It is here to raise the bar for our pets, to give YOU A VOICE to stand up for what you need to do to PRESERVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE for your pet and get the attention of PET PATIENT CARE PROVIDERS. There is no room for ego, only the love, care and attention, that each of our loved ones deserves. OUR EFFORTS will include: - Establishing a Best Practices for Veterinarians to raise the bar for pet patient care, and continuous learning. - Renovation of our Website, to include Pet Care Providers that provide OUTSTANDING services - Recording and publishing a song that will be broadcast world-wide, emphasizing the importance and love we have for our pets, as family members PLEASE DONATE and help us RAISE THE BAR FOR CARE!



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