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I have been a street team member for Peta2 for about a year now.
I love everything they stand for and I truly believe that all the work they're doing right now to save animals all over the world is amazing.

Right at this moment there are animals being killed for their fur, horses being forced to pull carriages through busy city streets all day long and elephants being imprisoned and abused for their ivory.

People see humans and superior beings. They're right in some ways, we do have more influence over the other species. So why not use that for good? Why not help the animals instead of using them?
People don't think the animals are like us. Well we're not so different actually. But the saddest of all? Elephants also die of grief. When a loved one dies sometimes an elephant will just sit and refuse food or water and eventually it will die. All because it is lonely.
How can people not see the similarities? Maybe they don't want to because that makes killing them easier.

I can understand why people eat meat. There is a reason for that.
But why wear fur? Why drape a dead animals skin over you for the sake of ''fashion''?
Its disgusting.

So please, join me in the fight for animal freedom and donate to peta2 to keep this charity and their amazing work going.

Thank you <3



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