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Peter Tosh's "Can't Blame The Youth" Campaign For Casa Milagro

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In the Spring of 2013, we asked fans of Peter Tosh worldwide to submit ideas to improve life for their communities, in the spirit of Peter Tosh. We received dozens of ideas from all over the world. After members of Peter's family narrowed down the submissions, the fans were again asked to vote on a program they, the community, wished to support. Casa Milagro won the vote by a margin of more than 30%. Now, it's time for Peter Tosh fans to "get up, stand up," and make a difference. Here is the program:

Youth Distance Learning Program: In Costa Rica, The Casa Milagro foundation has many projects going on all over the country. We have interns and volunteers working on Sea Turtle Conservation sites in very remote places, schools, National Parks and the list goes on and on. Here in Hojancha however, at Vecinos Del Mundo and Tropical Adventures headquarters, we live in and work collaboratively with the community to organize activities for people of all age groups to participate in. As of now we have movie night once a week for the younger kids showing films which relate to moral concepts such as environmental conservation, caring for your neighbor etc., after school programs for the elementary school age children and english lessons in the afternoon and evening two times a week for adults who did not learn in school. The particular project we are now working on we have named the Youth Distance Learning Project. The goal is to connect the classes here in Hojancha with those of the United States, France and elsewhere. Incredibly we already have over one hundred interested classes abroad. The problems we face is that the school here is very limited technology wise. What little internet they do have, is still not nearly strong enough to run programs like Skype or other softwares that provide videochat services. Our solution is to attempt to build an office/cultural media center in which we would have a projector, several computers a solid internet connection and a printer where we could lead these Distance Learning “sessions”. Here the town’s Botanical Garden has already offered to donate space on the land to build said center. This would be a great location because it is located very close to the school so the teachers and their students can easily utilize it. The center would also be a great place for our interns to work as currently we do not have a designated office other than the small house that all of the interns live in. We believe this project will cost us 10,000 dollars to fully complete but we are seeking any funds that will at least help us to break ground.



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