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P.E.T.S. Block-Aid

www.petswf.org Tax ID 68-0648159


P.E.T.S. saves lives in Wichita Falls. Our efforts have decreased the intake of unwanted animals by more than half in just 6 years. This means the shelter and Animal Services Center have more time to work with rescues, find fosters, and host adoption events. Translation- more pets leave alive and find the forever homes they deserve. The euthanasia rate has decreased 41% (from 90% to 49%) since our opening making the lives of animal welfare workers in our entire community a little better. But this is Wichita Falls, we can do better than a 49% euthanasia rate. We can give our unwanted animals better than a 50/50 chance of leaving the shelter or animals services center alive. We love pets and we are a generous community. Help us become no-kill in Wichita Falls. Your dollars save lives. How many lives can you save? Think Big- Give Big!