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Petunias for Peace



Here is some information on Friends School Detroit and "Petunias for Peace".

Friends School Detroit was initiated by the Society of Friends in the 1960’s after Judge Wade McCree Sr.’s daughter was denied entrance to University Liggett School due to the color of her skin. Since then Friends has been working hard to infuse Quaker values into their curriculum and doing a great job at it. Adding to our rigorous, but meaningful curriculum, Friends teaches Human Rights, Community Service, and now, Green classes to every student. Friends upholds diversity, community, love, kindness, tolerance, conflict resolution, and many other values that fall by the wayside in traditional schools.

Why Petunias for Peace: The students believe that everybody loves flowers. They smell good, look beautiful, and generally they can light up one’s path. The goal is to line the medians of St. Aubin and East Lafayette from Chene to 375 and from Gratiot(Eastern Market) to Jefferson. Therefore, all of the streets that lead to our school will be covered with flowers (about 1.5 miles). This is sure to brighten up everybody’s day who drives by. The students chose petunias instead of perennials because they will have to be cared for by watering and weeding. Many of our neighbors have agreed to help with this project. Prior to the first meeting on this, we didn’t even know one of our neighbors. We know that crime rates decrease when people in a community work together and know each other. Yesterday, one of our students mentioned a young girl who lost her life in our neighborhood 3 weeks ago. The petunias are to be a symbol and a reminder of situations such as hers and other crime happening in our city. I included a link at bottom of the page of a commercial our 6th grade wrote and directed. I think you will love it!

What We Need: We need corporate donations as well as volunteers to plant. Private individuals may adopt a section to plant, donate a few flats, or sponsor a section. Same with a corporation. Major donors will have their logos on boards that will be strategically placed on our medians. This is a HUGE project so any help we can get will be appreciated. I can’t wait for our kids to look out our windows here at school at see how beautiful they made their neighborhood.

The Result: This mission is already earning press and recognition. We are hoping this helps in obtaining funds and volunteers. Also, after the flowers are planted Mid-May we are going to have a parade and a party. We would love to have you join us every step of the way. The students here are working so hard to get the money to complete this project. In fact, their Valentine’s Dance money is going to “Petunias for Peace”. Check out teir commercial at link below.



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