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Upon our inception in 2012 our mission has been to provide a family-friendly home to those in need of emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing with all necessary resources to gain or re-gain mental, spiritual, financial and/or domestic stability. We offer services that help the whole person while advocating self-reliance, accountability, responsibility and education. Believing that to eliminate the endless cycle of homelessness and recidivism we will further provide a foundation built on the b elief that anyone can be restored and unlimited power is available to those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Over the years we've witnessed that homelessness comes with issues more than not having a place to live. We advocate responsibility and accountabilty but if the underlying issue is poor health then the conversation changes. Undiagnosed mental and physical health concerns are some of the leading causes of homelessness. The Philip House Mission is campaigning to bring awareness to health and homelessness. There is a correlation and we have championed the race to bring awareness to Sickle Cell Disease. This painful blood disorder causes pain episodes, heart disease, strokes in children and adults and can be fatal. It also has devastating emotional effects on those suffering from the disorder.  Despite national recommendations, the U.S. only in recent years, have began testing at birth every child for SCD. Largely affected is anyone of African decent. In the U.S., thousands of black babies a year are born with the disease but no cure is available. Only recently has a treatment been formulated since the last 20 years. 

Notwithstanding, priority is given to children with the disease, but for the many adults who suffer with this blood disorder who are looked upon as drug seekers and misdiagnosed, oftentimes are poor and become homeless. Earning a living is difficult for someone living with SCD because pain episodes can happen anytime which ultimately leads to loss of employment. 

Our founder and a majority of our staff have been through experiences, difficulties and illnesses that have led to homelessness. Most people can’t imagine what it’s like to go hungry and have no place to live, but it happens.  We believe everyone should have a home, especially the sick.  Housing and resources, through partnerships, to help keep families and/or individuals in their home or off the street is what we do.