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Philippians Place is dedicated to providing transitional housing and supportive services to individuals and/or families who are homeless. Clients will be provided a supportive Christian community and skills training as they progress forward towards self-sufficiency and long-term housing. Tax ID 47-2172906


Philippians Place will break the cycle of homelessness for its participants by:

• Loving them, like Christ loved us, through friendships, mentorships, and community.

• Providing a safe environment to live.

• Teaching life skills in order to be successful managers of their money, home, and responsibilities.

• Teaching social and emotional skills in order to develop and strengthen family, friendships, and community.

• Teaching job skills in order to become productive and self-sufficient citizens.

• Teaching occupational skills in order to present themselves to prospective bosses, and become effective employees.

• Providing assistance in transitioning into a permanent/long term self-supporting residence.

Our Program is designed to help each of our clients successfully transition into becoming self-reliant, contributing members of the community through the implementation of a focused curriculum of life skills/values, education, and work experience targeted to meet each individual’s specific needs and goals. 

Philippians Place has an outline of curriculum activities as well as a maximum value  that can be associated with each item per week.  The program requirement is to have each client meet a TOTAL of 40 hours minimum per week of combined program curriculum activities AND work (if they have a job).  Clients who are working 40+ hours a week at a job are required to meet a minimum of 10 hours a week of items directly from the program.  Our clients, with the guidance and support of their mentors, will be responsible for scheduling and completing their individualized program requirements.