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CROWDRISE : Feb 26, 2015
Tax ID: 46-3370225
BASED: Jefferson Cty, MO, United States

Climbing to New Heights

The Phoenix Project exists to offer hope, education, support, and inspiration for those who are on their healing journey from sexual and physical abuse.


"The Phoenix Project” is a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting and educating victims of sexual abuse and their loved ones.  All forms of sexual abuse have devastating effects and are a serious concern and motivation for us in our outreach, though our primary mission is assisting men who have suffered sexual abuse as children.

The extensive number of individuals suffering sexual abuse and reeling from its effects in our society is epidemic.  It is estimated that 1 in 6 men have suffered sexual abuse as children. The devastation left in its wake is pervasive and debilitating for sexual abuse victims.  The life of shame, guilt, isolation, and low self worth intensify the difficulty of daily functioning.  The clash of attempting to meet society’s ideals of normalcy while shouldering this crippling burden contributes to alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide rates which are 10 times that of the American population at large.

Qualified assistance for male victims has been sparse if not nonexistent. Thankfully, the Weekend of Recovery program was initiated by founding members of in 2001.  Over 1,000 men have experienced astounding healing by attending this powerful program.  These three day events provide a safe environment where men can experience a sense of security, community, and healing.  It is usually the first time men experience others who understand and can relate to the inherent struggles of being a male victim of sexual abuse.  These men learn skills to effectively cope with issues that have plagued them for a lifetime.  They realize they are no longer alone in their battle and there are people who care and can help with the struggle.  They change from victims of sexual abuse to survivors with the ability to thrive!

 Although the staff of 6 to 8 professionals donate their time, there is the expense of room and board for each participant.  Scholarships have recently become available to assist individuals with financial need who desire to attend an event.  But, additional funding is greatly needed to assure men who lack the resources, will be able to attend one of these life changing events. Check for dates and locations of up-coming events as well as for scholarship information.

In response to the urgent need for additional funding and with the intention to inspire others, we are implementing “Climbing to New Heights” an initiative to raise funding, support, and awareness for male victims of sexual abuse. Over the course of two days in July, four men who have each gone through the Weekend of Recovery program and who firmly believe in the life changing results it offers, will hike to the summit of King’s Peak which is at 13,000 feet in the Uinta Mountains of Utah.

We humbly ask for and will gratefully accept any contribution or support which you may be willing to offer.  Please consider forwarding this correspondence on to others who may be willing to assist us in our cause.  Thank you greatly!

Tax ID: 46-3370225


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