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Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) is a well-known Non-profit organization, which works for the benefits and support of rural areas and supports small village level projects in the area.
Hunza has an ample number of places that are still left unexplored and unheard of. This Valley is known for its scenic beauty and the perfect blend of exotic flora and fauna. There are several attractive places in Hunza that offer superlative picturesque views that leave you with unforgettable experiences. There are several reasons behind it, which includes: -
1- Lack of Awareness: One of the major problems is lack of awareness in the people about photography, which results in lack of interest and we don’t value those areas, hence, these areas are still unheard and unexplored.
2- Lack of appliances: Another problem is those who have a little knowledge about photography they don’t have the appliances to explore it properly in a professional way. We need at least a normal DSLR Camera with complete lenses, which are needed, for different distances of capturing it.
3- Lack of Professionals: we don’t have professional tutors of this field to properly guide the interested people to make it as a profession and start earning easily.

The main purpose of going for this project is to generate a source of income meet the economic crises in the area besides promoting the area from tourisms point of view. This will also help the youth to get involved in different activities and avoid those activities, which are supposed to be against our norms and values.
Another main factor of going for this project is that most of the people appreciated it and insisted to propose it especially the youth.

Project Description:
Our LSO is planning to get some coffers and then bring some professional teachers/Tutors to train the youth who are jobless and don’t have any other way of generating income. Then we will need to provide them a few DSLR Camera’s and then guide them properly how to take those snaps and then we’ll make an online photo library from where we can easily access it and send it to the corresponding customer. Although this is a bit long term project but will certainly help us in meeting the current crises.

Goals and Objectives:
Our objective behind this project is to minimize the number of youth who are dependent on any of their family members and don’t earn personally, to give opportunity for those who are interested in photography but are unfamiliar with the professional ways of doing it. And our goal is to attract more and more tourist towards this area, which will bring opportunities not only for youth but also for the whole people to earn in different ways.

This is a long-term project therefore it will take almost 6 – 8 months to complete. First the concerned youth will take training which wouldn’t be less then 6 months at least as, they would need time to learn it in a professional way. Then after taking training they might need to be equipped with a professional camera along with it’s necessary kit and then finally they will leave for field which will take a couple of more months. Hence, approximately 8 months is minimum required for this project to be completed?

As we have roughly estimated it costs more then 15 million PKR which includes the cost of training, internet and the camera cost which would be needed for the students to learn practically during the training.



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