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BENEFITING: Partners In Health


EVENT: We Will Deliver!

Carl van Rensburg


PIH Engage UGA wrote -

Partners in Health Engage UGA

was created in the Summer of 2016 as a response to the question "What more can I do to help those in the world who can't help themselves?"

University of Georgia third year pre-med student Mihir John, was plagued by this question for most of his life. Seeing disparity firsthand in his home of India, issues in global health were not new to him at all. He, like many others, thought that there was no way to impact global health as an undergraduate. This was until he read Mountains Beyond Mountains, a memoir on Paul Farmer's co-founding of Partners in Health that lead to the creation of a sustainable health system in rural Haiti. Inspired by the work of Paul Farmer and his colleagues, Mihir sought out to see how he could make a similar impact on people today. He then came across an amazing grassroots organization called Partners in Health Engage, and he immediately dove into making a chapter at the University of Georgia. 

But, of course, he couldn't do this alone. With the help of both old and new friends, he filled the team lead positions for Advocacy, Fundraising, and Community Building. As our first year, PIH Engage UGA has learned so much about what it takes to be an organization, and more importantly - how we can impact global health today. Fundraising will show how, even though we're in our first year, we're still as dedicated as ever to our cause.

What's "We Will Deliver" Benefiting? 

We Will Deliver benefits New Pleebo Health Center in Pleebo, Liberia, a health center that serves 60,000 people in rural Liberia. The main focus of our fundraising is towards maternal and child health, and we have price points to show your direct impact.

Every donation counts, whether it's big or small! 

Thank you so much for your time and for caring about those who can't help themselves!


PIH Engage UGA Execs 2016



The Team: $8,765 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Langston Gilmore

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125% Raised of $2,000 Goal

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Mihir John

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100% Raised of $1,000 Goal

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James East

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69% Raised of $1,000 Goal

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Aakash Patel

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85% Raised of $700 Goal

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Varsha Kottamasu

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90% Raised of $500 Goal

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Ashley Turek

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83% Raised of $500 Goal

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Keith Pridgen

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118% Raised of $300 Goal

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Adam Turry

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117% Raised of $300 Goal

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