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Pine Ridge Center for Artists and CRAFTE...

Pine Ridge Center for Artists and C...
CROWDRISE : Jul 15, 2015
Tax ID: 47-2675138
BASED: Ankeny, IA, United States


Promoting Lakota Art

The Pine Ridge Center for Artists and Crafters is a 501c3 non-profit public charity created to empower and promote Lakota artists and crafters from the Pine Ridge Reservation and to preserve Lakota arts and crafts traditions through education, events and projects.

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, located in the southwest corner of South Dakota and home to the Oglala Lakota Tribe, is the poorest place in the United States. It is also a place rich in culture and tradition. A place out of time struggling wildly with life in modern America. A living treasure.

In the midst of extreme poverty, Lakota arts and crafts remain a lifeline to the the past...and to survival in the present. More than 30% of the population use their arts and crafts skills to generate income.  Due to the lack of jobs and resources on the Reservation, many people depend solely on the sale of their artwork to earn a living.

Our long-term goal is to create a physical art center on the Reservation with an art gallery, supply store, studio space, events, and education, with the belief that a centralized hub will provide the most efficient path to empowerment and economic development for artisans in Pine Ridge.

Currently that centralized hub exists in a virtual world with our web site and online store, and our Facebook presence. We are also beginning to offer advertising and marketing services, including marketing to museum stores, retailers and designers.

Our web site is our most effective tool since the majority of Lakota artisans do not have the resources to carry out a viable online business and because bringing income to this greatly impoverished area is a critical first step in accomplishing our other goals.

In 2016, we tripled our sales to $9700, received $7500 in donations and paid nearly $12,000 to artists. First quarter 2017 saw $4130 in sales and $8100 in payments to artists. In total, we have generaed about $20,000 in revenue to the Pine Ridge Reservation since 2014.​ We have 1246 followers on Facebook and growing daily!

Much has been accomplished in the short time we've been organized, but we need your help to continue. Funds are needed urgently to accomplish our immediate goals. 

Please take a look at our web site for more information, including our Artist DirectoryAbout and Current Projects. If you're not familiar with the situation on the Reservation, we invite you to Google Pine Ridge and spend a few moments reading and looking at images. Then ...

Please consider a gift of any amount to help the PRCAC make an immedate and lasting difference in one of the most desperate places in our country.

And if you'd like to do more, consider volunteering, discuss this program with your church or employer, or start your own Crowdrise campaign for the PRCAC! 

Pilamaya. Thank you!

Tax ID: 47-2675138 •


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Art for Shelter

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