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Radoslaw Karczmarczyk's Fundraiser:

Piotr Dreams to have legs and arms.

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Piotr has been born with extremely rare sickness Total Amelia, which means he does not have legs and arms.


My name is Piotr Radon and I was born with Total Amelia. It is a birth defect associated with the complete absence of all limbs. I am 19 years old now and as an adult I have lost the support of some organizations that used to help me, as they specialized in children’s help. The Polish Health Care system wants me to cope as healthy adults, forgetting my situation. (System chce abym radzil sobie jak inni dorosli zapominajac o mej sytuacji.) Now I am forced to find private sponsors, institutions or foundations myself to obtain help in the form of donations, either on a regular basis, or temporarily. I sincerely hope for Indiegogo to find necessary help and means to live my life as I wish.

Since Primary School I had received in-home tutoring in Dabrowa Tarnowska.
In 2011 I graduated from High School (IT profile) with very good results and I passed my final tests.

In 2012 another huge step for me - I started studying at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw. I am enrolled on a full-time programme with other students, which meant I had to move from my home town to Warsaw. It was a big challenge for me. I require round-the-clock care so my parents had to move to Warsaw with me and they had to quit their jobs which complicates our situation  As I mentioned, I am studying and I hope that with your help I will manage to collect funds for fee  and graduate and then be able to start a career. My dream is to become financially independent Take the burden off my parents’ shoulders. I believe that IT can give me a huge opportunity with my future career and I could be able to become an independent man, with the need for constant medical care.
Lack of limbs is not the only problem and barrier in my life that affects normal functioning. For a few years now my scoliosis has been getting worse. It puts pressure on my internal organs, e.g. lungs, which causes dyspnoea and respiratory tract infections. I also suffer from asthma. These conditions require constant treatment and the cost of medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation stays is far beyond the financial capabilities of my family.

Despite my disability I try to live the life of a healthy person. I develop my passions (civil aviation, passenger airplane piloting) and interests (music, IT, programming, history, politics and law). I am determined to achieve my goals (getting a job, becoming independent). But at this stage of my life I need your help. I cannot make it without it.

My last financial liability is the cost that my studies involve. Courtesy of His Magnificence Rector of the Institute I was temporarily excused from this fee (for one semester) but the school I chose is a prestigious one which means that the fee is much over our financial capacity. If you take on board the fact that I treat my studies as a huge life opportunity perhaps you will understand my fears and my problems.  Yet there is still the cost of my residence. It needs to be close to the university due to my mobility impairment and my parents’ general health condition.



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