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Dawn Gonzales wrote -

As far back as I can remember I've been taking care of and saving dogs, cats,
kittens and puppies. Even birds and squirrels. Back then I didn't know it was called "rescue" As time went by I volunteered for a local rescue helping animals that needed a new family. A lot of them came from the pound...seeing them locked up ....that was a real eye opener for me. Why were the owners not coming to get their dogs?
So many dogs and so little time to get them out. After almost 3 years I had the opportunity to become an employee at The Yavapai Humane Society. My job title is Alternative Placement Coordinator. What I do is get animals that would otherwise be euthanized for lack of space or they're out of time into other rescues. Please keep in mind that these animals are all healthy and at one time they had a family. One of the things I noticed ( you couldn't help but notice) was all the pits and pit mixes we get in. We've had some great pits come though our doors. Even these, the ambassadors of the breed were not getting adopted. To add to the frustration all the pit rescues were full and couldn't take anymore. So now what? The dogs that I tried so very hard and lost sleep over would die in my arms. Have ever felt the life of an animal go out of them? I felt having them in my arms letting them know that they were loved would help them go a little easier and help me to know that I did all I could but did I?. ...I cry for these pits, then I get angry at the so called "owners" that do these beautiful dogs such an injustice. Thank you to all the rescues that have opened their doors to help these dogs....we need to continue to educate, let people know why its so important to spay and neuter their animals...its starts at home. We need to move forward and show people the good the bad and the UGLY they need to see it what happens by not being responsible pet owner.
Together we can move mountains!


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