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Pittsburgh Urban Christian School (PUCS)

Pittsburgh Urban Christian School Tax ID 25-1405301


Our Mission:
The mission of the Pittsburgh Urban Christian School is to provide excellent education for a racially and economically diverse group of children in an urban setting. We are committed to educating from a broad Christian perspective with a curriculum characterized by integrated thematic units, close student-teacher interaction, and substantive parental involvement. We are committed to developing a diverse staff that is dedicated to facilitating each student’s spiritual, personal, social, academic, and physical growth. We seek to foster a unified community of parents, educators and churches who will support and participate in this vision for urban, Christian education.

Our Beliefs:
We believe God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us and save us. We seek to follow Jesus Christ’s example and please God with all that we say and do. We ask God to send His Spirit to renew our hearts and help us follow Christ.

Our Integrated Curriculum:
We want children to be enthusiastic, joyful and disciplined learners as they look forward to a lifetime of learning. We seek to discover the complexity and beauty of the Creation and view the world as an interconnected and complex whole. Rather than isolating learning into fragmented pieces, we approach learning as multi-faceted. The integrated curriculum assembles the various academic disciplines into thematic units that are studied in depth. We provide opportunities for creative expression, thoughtful questioning and meaningful response. We stress the fundamental skills of reading, writing, arithmetic and thinking throughout the curriculum.

Our Commitment:
We recognize that not every child learns in the same way or at the same pace. Education must be personalized for each child. We will work with families to help each child discover their unique gifts, to enjoy learning, to master the skills necessary to be a competent learner and to develop helpful and healthy ways of relating to others. We will respect each child as made in God’s image and each family as important participants in their child’s education.