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Plan B(aby)

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I have a desire to give women and couples an alternative to having an abortion. I feel that many abortions happen due to the expense of birthing a child and raising a kid. Many choose the easy way (and more affordable way) out and have their babies aborted. People argue that abortion is about a woman's right to choose but if the decision to abort is being made due to financial reasons, then how is that real choice? The funds generated through Plan B(aby)wil give women a real choice. Plan B(aby) will raise funds that will cover the expenses of birthing a child, from prenatal care up to post natal care. Plan B(aby)'s vision is to offer women the chance to carry their baby full term and have the expenses covered so that these babies are allowed their right to life. Should the mother or couple not want to raise the baby themselves, Plan B(aby) desires to grow into a home for kids that have been saved from abortion. Where birthdays, Christmas, and everyday accomplishments are celebrated. Where smiles flourish and dreams are dreamt. Where children are allowed to be children, with all the laughs and giggles that should be in every childhood. Where kids can grow up without the fear of going to bed hungry. Plan B(aby) knows that all children are a gift and truly believes that they should be allowed their right to life. Please help Plan B(aby) offer these mothers an alternative to abortion. Abortion is a lifelong decision that has an effect or more than just one person. So many voices have been silenced since the passing of Roe v. Wade. Please help us allow these voices to be heard in the future, so that these children can have a lasting impact on this earth and make their contributions to society.



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