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Save the Planet with Accelerated Plant Growth Technology Research & Development

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Arron Rasmussen


Accelerated plant growth technology is a very simple idea with a MASSIVE amount of potential for doing good to our planet and it's people.

Imagine if we could grow trees 10x or even 100x faster then we can now... Just imagine: we could stop clear-cutting the rain-forest and ravishing our natural resources, instead we could create fast-growing, renewable tree-farms for all of our lumber needs.

The plant-life on this planet creates the oxygen that we breath. It is essential to life and human survival. If this was the only reason to research an "Accelerated Plant Growth Technology", that would be far-far-far enough reason would't it? We lose 150 acres of rain-forest every single day. Big greedy corporations are killing this planet, and they won't stop, but "Accelerated Plant Growth Technology" could divert their attention away from our natural resources.

The second biggest possibility behind "Accelerated Plant Growth Technology" is the potential to create a much larger supply of FOOD. Every year, 15 million children starve to death. 15 million. Think about that number.

Imagine being able to plant a potato tonight, and eat it tomorrow. "Accelerated Plant Growth Technology" may not be able to entirely solve the problem of world hunger, but it would do a huge amount to improve the situation.

Think about it. As an idea, it's about as simple as it comes. Simple in theory, but perhaps more difficult in execution. But the difference between technology which exists today and technology which didn't exist 10 years ago is only one crazy inventor which believed it might be possible.

So before you jump to a conclusion and say that it can't be done... think of all that we have achieved, technologically, over the last 20 years of human development... or what about the last 100 years?

One day this type of technology will exist. And it could exist very soon if we all band together and focus our energies into making it happen.

For us, this will come in the form of research and development. For you, it can come in the form of financial contribution, so that we can find the brightest minds on the planet and make sure that their talents are directed towards a single goal, that will benefit all of humankind, for all of history to come...

Accelerated Plant Growth Technology... it could be our future, it could save our planet. If it does or not, is up to every single one of you. Every single person out there on the internet, for the first time in human history, united and as one, thanks to the internet.

Let's take back our planet. Let's become sustainable. Let's feed the hungry and bring humanity and compassion to the world. Let's become more then we are and leave a better world for our children, and our children's children.



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