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PLANT JAMAICA's Fundraiser:

PLANT JAMAICA: The first sustainable Inner City green space. A charity with less talk, more action.

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EVENT DATE: Aug 09, 2014



The first sustainable green space, farm and organic restaurant in Kingston’s inner cities… because healthy lifestyles and nutritious food should never be a luxury.

To date, there has been strong prejudice against inner city communities in Jamaica. Employment and education are key issues and are difficult to access for local residents of these communities. Even more so green spaces- and many residents have never left their turfs to witness nature despite Jamaica being known for its rich and stunning natural beauty.
Through the Paint Jamaica project, we discovered a group of creative entrepreneurs “LIFE YARD” who, behind the zinc fence walls of their neighbourhood, have transformed an empty strip of land into a small farm. “Eat what you grow, grow what you eat” is their philosophy and helps them to become self-sustainable, especially when times are rough.

A Life Yard member explained: “This space provides relief for the community. For example, when I’m hungry, I can just pick off ackee from the tree.”

We saw an opportunity to further build on Life Yard’s initiative and help grow their farm, build a sustainable green space and restaurant in Kingston’s inner city. PLANT JAMAICA will provide resources to enhance the Life Yard farm and would benefit the community on many levels. At a minimum, Plant Jamaica hopes to:

- Provide a new green space where anyone from the community can learn how to work with the land
- Provide further education for self-sustainable lifestyles in a rough environment
- Provide a source of healthy, wholesome food provision
- Help set up a small vegetarian restaurant for the community
- Beautify the area and provides a peaceful green space within a concrete jungle.

We want your help to make this dream become a reality and bring innovative solutions towards sustainable living.

The money donated will go towards planting produce, which could grow well within the specific environment and provide tools to help maintain the farm (see list below/attachment).

Furthermore, along with the Paint Jamaica team and their creative vision, we will beautify the interior space of LIFE YARD.

All payments are 100% secure and every cent goes towards this worthy cause.

Eat What You Grow, Grow What You Eat

“A hungry man is an angry man” – Bob Marley



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