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P L A Y FOUNDATION INC Tax ID 27-4259331


P.L.A.Y. (Positive Living for Active Youth) is a financial resource that enables amputees across the nation and Haiti lead an active life through sports, education and the arts.

Take a moment and imagine what it would be like to re-learn basic skills like walking, brushing your teeth or dressing yourself.  Go a step further and imagine that the opportunity to participate in the activities that you once loved or were passionate about has been stripped away because of the loss of a limb.  Hard to fathom that it could happen to you?  There are men, women, and children in Haiti that are facing this reality that would agree that they, too, never thought it could happen to them.  The added challenge for them is that they are in a country where the disabled are looked upon as worthless and are discarded from society.  As a result of the earthquake in January of 2010 the population of amputees in Haiti reached into the thousands.  To add to this tragidy, the country was not equiped to handle the changes that needed to be made to the permanent structures and temporary housing that would allow amputees to have access to these places.

P.L.A.Y is an advocate for these individuals that are on the journey of rediscovering life as an amputee.  We are partnering with organizations in Haiti like Handicap International so that amputees can once again realize their passion for living a full and active lifestyle.  The P.L.A.Y Foundation wants to bridge the gap and provide hope for the amputees in Haiti that are entering into their new life. We are doing this by helping organizations in Haiti build ramps and other additions to permanent structures and temporary housing.  This simple project will help amputees in a life-changing way!

Help us provide hope and encouragement to an amputee in Haiti that is on the incredibly challenging journey of discovering that their goals can still be achieved, their life can still be active and that their dreams can still become a reality.

YOUR DONATION will bring someone closer to realizing that life still has so much to offer them! PLEAE GIVE so that we can help amputees in Haiti become mobile and engaged in society!