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Please help! Im in serious accidental debt I will be forever thankfull!

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Cody Bartley


Hello, my name is Cody, this year has by far been the worse year in my life. I'm now 30years old It has been a difficult time emotionally, physically and respectfuly, I started noticing life wasnt going good for me after my fiancee and I and I both split up. With her and my name on the lease me being the______ sighner I could no longer afford a 428.00$ per month for car payments. 208.00$ per month and is gaining interest every month. I now live in an apartment with 2 others and tensions are high i need help out of here and dont have anyone to reach out too. I do not know whos doing it so im just trying to find a way out of this mess. I am 30 years old ive never had had as many problems as I have had this year kept a job since I was 19 put up with alot throughout my life I have asked friends and Family for a roof over my head but this is the only place i could go. I met a nice lady yesterday she looked homless I I told her about my situation and she told me about this oportunity so here i am ashamed and humbled asking for your help thankyou so much for taking your meaningful time to read this It means much to me and those around. Another serious issue is I found a Malignant (cancerous) 9mm growth the left gangula side of my brain and in 2015 proven to be 15mm round in size it's very frightening to think about so i do my best to block it out of my mind at the same time It would put peace in my heart knowing I had access to funds and the ability to pay for a fantastic Brain Surgeon like anyone would want so they could live for their children as well as I would want and need to be here for my daughter we would be forever greatful. I write this because im cautious, I have a conscience and I have concern when it comes to my health and safety I believe money is better than free insurance when it comes to Brain surgury. It is my personal beleif . As much as i dont want to ask for money, all I ask of you is would do a this favor and donate anything possible. I am forever thankfull for this opportunity.

Sincerally, Cody Bartley




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