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Please help me and my children

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I was originally born in Baltimore Maryland I lived there until I was 8 my mother left my father and moved us against my will to Monroe Louisiana I loved my father more than anything and missed him terribly my mother painted a picture of my father making him out to be the worse person in the world me being so young I eventually began to believe her so I began to neglect him and eventually building a hate for him but he never stop writing never stopped sending money he always kept in touch. I had my first child at 16 during my 11th grade year everyone told me I should drop out and get my g.e.d but I didn't I stay in school eventually passing the 11th grade my 12th grade senior year I had my second child kaidyn at 17 I had two children and once again everyone told me I should drop out and once again I didn't listen I was far behind and needed so many points but I worked my butt off and it payed off I got to walk across the stage with my class even tho everyone thought I couldn't so I stayed with my children's father for about three years until I got with my third child's father my first relationship was abusive but this second one was even worse and on top of it he was an addict a secret he kept until I was pregnant with our son so I was 20 with a third child liam on the way with a boyfriend who physically abused me and sold all our belongings to support his addictions including my children's stuff I move to Arkansas with him away from my family I felt like his prisoner but I stayed because I thought I could save him but of course I couldn't because he doesn't want the help but I still stayed all until one day when I had to bathe my children in a swimming pool because he didn't pay the water bill I picked up and left with nothing and headed back to Monroe with nothing but $40 in my pocket I made it work I got a job I saved up got a place and got on my feet I thought I was happy until my mother moved back to Baltimore when she moved it made me realize how miserable I was in Louisiana so I starting saving up to move to Baltimore with my mother a decision I thought I would never make especially after going to Baltimore to bury my father but I just couldn't be away from my mother and plus I have no family left here in Monroe they're all in Baltimore so like I said I've been saving up to move and you won't believe it but the restaurant I was working at "The Warehouse" caught on fire and Is closed down for renovations so I had to spend the lil bit of money I've saved up the insurance company eventually starting give us minimum wage but that's not enough to support three children with let alone move to Baltimore I thought I was stuck here being miserable for the rest of my life until my best friend offered to give me the money to move so I packed my entire house withdrew my children from school told my landlord I was leaving arranged an apartment in Baltimore let my mother spend $250 on a deposit to reserve the apartment telling her that I would pay her back and on the today the day I'm suppose to move my friend told me that he spent all the money and that he's sorry so now I'm stuck here ready to be homeless because my landlord is moving someone into my house my kids are out of school and I'm just so lost I can't even begin to think what I'm going to do when I came back to Monroe from Arkansas I had my mother's support but now I have no one here I'm just destined to be miserable unless I can get some help to move to Baltimore where me and my children can be happy it's going to cost at least $2000 for an apartment and $1500 to get a U-Haul from here to Baltimore I'm not proud of asking for help and not really sure how but please please please can someone help me I'm desperate thank you and God bless



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