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Please help Me, my cousins daughter, after she was diagnosed with a Brain Cancer. Please help me.

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Simran was doing typical toddler stuff: running, jumping, singing nursery rhymes and loving life. During this time, her parents noticed that she was occasionally holding the side of her head just above her ear. They put it down to teething but as the weeks went on she began holding on more and more – and was reluctant to take her hand away. The scan revealed a tumour in Simran’s brain resting between her cerebellum and brain stem. She was quickly admitted to Hospital where she underwent seven-hour brain surgery to remove the growth. After surgery Simran suffered Posterior Fossa Syndrome. She lost her ability to balance and was unable to sit or even walk. Simran has had to relearn these simple tasks but is making great progress! We were then hit with the most devastating news. Pathology results revealed that Simran’s tumour is a highly aggressive and fast growing cancer; known as a Classical Medulloblastoma. If left untreated, Simran would have just a few months to live. Brain cancer is especially dangerous in children as young as Simran. The only chance to save her life is a chemotherapy trial currently being run at GOSH which her parents have decided to accept. We don't know what the future holds but we remain hopeful that she will beat this disease. She’s a remarkably strong little girl and so far she’s staying on top of the challenges of each day. Please at least Donate (1$, 2$, 3$, 4$, 5$)Please help me with your kind donations. Please don't ignore it. We can save a life of this little girl. Please Help Me.



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smart is working on selecting a charity so you can support Please help Me, my cousins daughter, after she was diagnosed with a Brain Cancer. Please help me..