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Organized by: Marilyn Chappell

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Hello My name is Marilyn Chappell and I am asking desperately to get help to save the life of my companion and best friend of over nine years, Dee Dee, who is like a baby to me. Let me tell you a little bit about her. She was a rescue dog found on the street, just a big ball of matted fur and scared of her own shadow. It took days to catch her, but we were persistent and with food being a great motivator to a starving animal, we finally got her. After a bath and a haircut, we finally found out she was a poodle and so began her new life with our family. She has been with us ever since, a part of our life we never even knew was missing until she came along. When we were a bit younger and able to do it , she loved going camping and fishing and for walks in the woods with us ,and road trips were always fun with her. She would play rough with the older grandkids, was very gentle with the grand babies and when my mother was dying she would lay for hours in her lap and keep her company. Mom loved her too and when she left us even Dee Dee seemed to mourn her passing. She is such a good dog and loved by so many As for us, I am 66 years old and disabled. I am married and my husband is also disabled so all we have for income is our disability so money is very tight. We live month to month so when "bad things" happen we have to have help. This month our air conditioner went out and the house got hot fast. The temp outside reached over 100 and it was almost 90 inside. My husband has COPD and couldn't breath well so we had to borrow the money to get that fixed. And then this happened to Dee Dee, an again we had no money to take her to the vet so I had to borrow even more. Now we are not only borrowed out but we have to pay back all that we have borrowed. So now even if this was normally within our means,which it isn't, we couldn't do anything. So I came here in hopes that some of you animal lovers would maybe see her story and have it in your heart to help us out. My baby has a mammary tumor that grew at a tremendous rate of speed and in only a couple of months it has grown almost to the size of a tennis ball then a couple of days ago she started chewing on it and it literally burst out of the skin and the tumor was exposed and open. She started licking it and chewing it and it was bleeding so we wrapped it up and called the vet who told us to come right in. I borrowed some money, enough for the office visit, and took her to the vet. There I was told that she was dehydrated and for $54 he could give her fluids that would be a help for the dehydration but she really needs surgery to remove the tumor, and when he started talking about the cost I was devastated. The surgery alone was between $800 and $900 and she would need x-rays and a blood work which is another $300. And because of her age she may need transfusion before they even start as she is anemic from the fluid and blood she has been loosing and those can run up to $900. So at a minimum I am looking at is over $2000. More then my husband and I even make in a whole month. Then there is the time she has to stay at the vets and any other costs associated that is why I am asking for $2000. I love my baby so much and she isn't old enough to leave me yet. But, if all else fails and I can't raise the money for the surgery he mentioned Euthanasia as an alternative, but even that, which would be my last resort, was out of my range at $105. So now, before totally giving up and just watching her waste away and die on me I am trying this. I am praying that if enough people see our need and will help even in a small way we can save her and give her, and me, a few more years of having the privilege of sharing my life with this wonderful dog.


Organized by

Marilyn Chappell

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