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John's story all started in November 2014 when he started to have headaches. He be complaining about the headaches getting worst to the point where his right side of his face got numb. He was starting to see double and blurry vision, his eyes were sensitive to light and was bothering him a lot. We took him into the ER twice to see what was wrong. We were told that it's just bad sinuses and they prescribed him antibiotics saying it will help. As months goes by the headaches was still there and it seems like they were getting worst. He tried to coped with it by taking over the counter meds and sleeping it off but unfortunately none helped. We decided to give it one more try but a different ER instead. In April 2015 we went to St.Mark's Hospital where he got admitted because his vision was getting worst and his right eye was having a stroke. They immediately did a full exam and ran several tests on him. They had discovered that there was a bump in his right top side of his mouth and want it to do a biopsy to see what it is. After being in a hospital for weeks and performing several tests, we were told that he has two tumor that's growing on his right face, one on the soft palate and the other one behind the right eye. They said that he is in the advanced stage 3 for Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC). It is a rare type of cancer that is found mainly in the head and neck area. It was news that we never expected to happen. Something that no family want it to hear and ever since then John's life has changed. He had his first set of treatment right away. Both radiation and chemotherapy were done from April thru the first week of June. He had an MRI in July and was found that the tumor on his soft palate was going away while the one behind the eye shrank more than 50%. The doctors advised him to do a radiosurgery called Gammaknife that will focused primarily to the tumor behind his eye. They did the procedure in Sept 2016. Another MRI was done in October to see if the procedure worked and it did, the tumor went away. Later on, in December he's started complaining again of the headaches and his right eye. We took him back to the hospital and found out that both the tumors are back. He started chemo only in January. It was a once a month treatment. In April when he had a MRI they found out that the chemo isn't working. The tumor behind the eye is growing progressively all around his eye socket and is spreading towards the brain. With his type of cancer we were advised that it can only be treated in 3 ways, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. But because surgery is too risky given where the tumor is and they've already done chemo and radiation there isn't much option. We were advised by his doctors that after consulting with their colleagues they think they he ought to give this new drug called Opdivo a try. It's a treatment that is given thru IV and takes about an hour. The treatment is given every 2 weeks. They are hoping to give him this for 3 months before they do another MRI in July and hoping that it'll work. So far the treatment is going well and just keeping our faith for a better result. All the side effects that they thought he might have hasn't occurred yet so we are hoping It's a good sign. Just recently in June he had all this back pain and body ache to the point where he couldn't get out of bed or even continue on with his daily activities. The doctors order a CT scan for his back and they discovered that the reason for his back pain is that the cancer has spread toward his lower back and is sitting right on his tailbone. It was a bit devastating news that we didn't want to hear. They immediately ordered a full bone scan to see if it is spreading to the other bones but thank God it didn't. It just at his tailbone. They even did a biopsy of it so they can get more details of what type of cancer it is and whether or not it is the same as the one he has on his face. As of now we still haven't heard back the result. But we were told that he will most likely have to do radiation all over again for his back. Ever since John was diagnosed his daily activities as been limited and he has some good and some bad days. We are just having faith and being positive that he will overcome all of this... We highly ask for your prayers. As we are all aware of medical treatments can be very pricey which is why we are seeking for financial help. It can be big or small but whatever It Is we would greatly appreciate it.


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