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Please help save our 5 year old daughter with cancer

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Don't despair, there is hope, 75% of children diagnosed with this type of cancer survives.   That was what we were told when our then 3 year old daughter, Mia Cara, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).   Now after 21 months of intense chemotherapy, lumber punches and bone marrow biopsies, where they physically extract samples from within your bones, intramuscular injections, that makes her scream at the top of her lungs, countless days and nights in and out of hospital, after missing out on school and parties and play dates due to a low immunity, she has relapsed. Mia Cara was supposed to end her treatment now in November 2017 and with everything that was going so well, we thought it was only a matter of time before we could bid this nightmare farewell, but then came the blow of the relapse. Now we're being told that there are options.  The options being, another round of even more intense chemotherapy (so basically the same treatment that failed her before), a bone marrow transplant and radiation with the chance of success seemingly varying between 40% and 50%.  There are no guarantees of success, either she makes it or she relapses again, which if it happens, the situation goes from dire to fatal. Mia Cara has already received her first dose of chemo of the new block of therapy.  She is already starting to lose her hair (again) and had no appetite for the first few days after the chemo, causing her to already lose weight.  She got her Hickman Lines inserted today 21/06/2017, together with a lumber punch.  The Hickman Line is used to administer chemo and other drugs and to draw blood, with a secondary line which is used as a feeding tube as it is expected that she will not have any appetite. Mia Cara's sister Sofia was tested as the most likely donor, which we have now learned is not a match.  There are 36 possible candidates identified worldwide which could possibly be matches, but as we understand it the chances are very slim. Even is she does get a match there is the possibility that her body might reject the donor.   The radiation is even worse.  Radiation is normally not given to children aged 3 years and younger as they do not have sufficient protection around the brain.  Mia Cara is only five now, will be 6 on the 1st of September.  They are certain that radiation will cause damage to the brain.  How much damage, they cant say, but she will definitely have learning and concentration problems. That is if she survives the whole ordeal, which on the current stats seems to be very slim. But there is hope.  American doctors, universities and companies are at the forefront of developing Immunotherapy, more specifically T-cell therapy is being developed for the treatment of cancer.  T-cells are removed from the patient or a donor's blood and genetically engineered to fight the cancer cells. This type of therapy is called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.   These cells are dubbed to be serial killer cells, as they hunt the cancer cells until they have destroyed them all.  It is the biggest thing in cancer treatment in at least the last 30 years and from what we have been able to gather, the success rates varies between 86% and 98%.  That's double the survival rate of Mia Cara's current therapy. So there is hope.  In this case more than hope.  There is an actual viable option of success. The only thing standing between success and failure is funding.  The only thing that stands between our daughter's life and death is funds, to the sum of     $1 000 000.00.  We are not US citizens, so our medical aid will not cover treatment abroad.   From the bottom of our hearts we humbly pray, plead and beg, please support our cause, please help us save the life of our precious little daughter. If a million people each donate $1.00, our child lives.  If a hundred thousand people each donate $10.00 dollars, our child lives.  So I plead to you again, if somebody asked you if you could save a life for $10.00, what would your answer be?     Please also copy and forward this link to all your family, friends, contacts, colleagues and clients.  Please spread the word and give our daughter a fighting chance.  She has been a brave little fighter for the past two years now and given the chance she will make us all proud. We will also be starting a Facebook page where we will provide a more detailed version of Mia Cara's road to recovery and will post that link here as soon as it is available.



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