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Home Of Faith's Fundraiser:

Please Pray & Help a shelter for Slavery & Orphan Children

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Please Pray for our children
September 27, 2016

Home of Faith is a gift of children. Home of faith Providing food and education and shelter to 89 children. Our area is leading with slate mines  See more

BENEFITING: Child Builders

Home Of Faith


Dear Mam/Sir, Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are from Home of Faith Organization Our Organization is a Faith based and purely volunteer Organization. I am Sister Sunitha Johnson from South India working as an Evangelist and also as a Social Worker. I am an Orphan Child where i was brought up in the hands of a Christian Family who is a great Servant of God. ( Late Rev.Dr. Samuel Johnson, After his death i had dedicated my life to Children Ministry and also in Making the people to Know about Christ. With a great vision from god. I had been chosen to go and preach to the untouchables and Dalits in South India. These people sell their Children for feeding themselves and also the grown up girls for prostitution. They worship trees,snakes as God's. With the help of 40 days fasting prayers i had decided to go to these villages and started in preaching the word of god.With the help of god and by his miracles and healing i had saved more than 3000 people and made them to know about Christ. Now i am running a home with 89 orphan, mine slavery children and 70 widows and 46 women who are being saved from prostitution.We don’t have any support from anywhere. Our area is leading with full of slate mines. So many children are going to work these slate mines because of lack of food. We save from slavery 189 children. Due to hundreds of children in slavery. We need your Grate support to do good things for this Orphan, Slavery, Street and Untouchable Children.We need A shelter for this children and widows and old age people, That's why we found rising. Now by Prayers i would like to you to come and visit our home and bless our works and also to share our works. I had registered a Charity named Home Of Faith (731/2006) South India in year 2006 with the help of some of my friends as it was a vision to me from God. Support us in Giving hope and assurance to the DALIT Orphan Children and to the Poor and with faith you would like you to visit our places and see the real truths of our works in South India. Please Watch our works In this video



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