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My daughter has been fighting health issues her entire life. It's been so very hard on her and on our family. She has been in and out of hospitals, she has had numerous surgeries and tests. She suffers from severe Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, since the age of 13. These diseases have no cure, and she suffers greatly because of them every month, and sometimes the whole month through. She was also born with Poland Syndrome, where her chest wall did not form properly in uterero, and she went through extensive surgeries to fix that. In her mid teens she became very sick and lost her ability to walk. She was placed in Wolfsons's Childrens Hospital on their Cancer Ward, for months. She endured all kinds of testing, as all of her symptoms pointed to Cancer. When Krista was 20 she was diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor Cerebra, which is now referred to as Intracranial Hypertension. She suffered from severe migraines and her Optic Nerves were effected. She had to have numerous Spinal Taps done in order to alleviate the Spinal Fluid pressure, which could have caused her to have a Stroke at any time. IH can also cause blindness, and her eyes must be checked regularly. In her early 20's, Krista was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and all that that disease entails. She goes though periods of severe depression and reckless and dangerous episodes of mania. She suffers from extreme anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia,cyclical thinking, obsessive behaviors, etc.. She became suicidal. She would cry, saying that she couldn't take the constant pain and illness anymore. It has effected every area of her life. Krista has also been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (that runs in our family) called Factor 2 Mutation. We found out about the mutation through the tragic loss of our Grandson. This mutation causes her blood to be hypercoaugulative. She is over 50% more likely to suffer from blood clots than a normal person, and she carries two copies of the gene. The thing is, the doctors had been trying to control her Endometriosis and PCOS for years using hormones and all sorts of different procedures, but when the Factor 2 was found, all of those methods had to stop immediately. Krista can not ever take any form of hormone again because it could kill her, so her Endometriosis and PCOS is now left untreated. Krista was also found to have the Epstein-Barr virus in her system, an Endocrine Disorder known as Psuedoacanthosis Nigricans , and she also suffers from Fibromyalgia, which causes all over body pain and muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, and joint pain. Krista has been fighting for a long time, and it seems like the deck keeps getting stacked against her. As a mother, I wish I could take it all away from her. When I see her in constant pain, or tears in her eyes because she can't do something, it kills me. As you can imagine, steady employment has been extremely hard for her to maintain. Most employers look down on an employee that is constantly having to miss work due to illness or hospital stays, etc.. They want reliability. She still tried though, and her first job was at the age of 16. She has been fired time and time again , not because she was a bad worker, but because she was unreliable. Again, her disabilities have effected her entire life. Krista tried to maintain normality, she went to school, and she tried self-employment as an LMT, but she has come to an impasse. Her issues have progressed, and her body just can't take the stress and pain anymore. Her father and her sister's and loved one's and I have tried to help her as much as we can, but the years of medical bills and medication costs and surgeries, and the cost of living, is drowning us all. She feels so guilty for having to be dependent on others. She believes she is a burden, she wishes for independence. Her father and I are having our own health issues now that we are in our 60's. Her dad had a heart attack a few years ago, and he is the only bread winner in our household. The strain of it all is coming to a head. We can't continue like this. Krista has filed for disability, but we live in a notoriously biased state, and her first attempt was denied. We have had to hire lawyers to help push the process, but even with that help, it's a long process. She is my child, and I pray to god for strength and help for her every day. That's why I decided to ask for help on gofundme and other networking sites. The help is so needed and so appreciated. Any donation is a god send and a true life saver. So I ask, please, If you are able, please help donate to Krista's medical care and living expense fund. That is where all of the money will be used. Any amount will truly save a life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and for donations and shares. God bless you all. Her other funding site is : I just found Crowdrise, and I figured that it couldn't hurt to try to reach as many people as possible. Thank you again.


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Toni Linares

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