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Please help me see my daughter again...

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John Hastings


Please help. I have only seen my 9 year old daughter one time in the last several years. It was on my birthday and my ex-wife only gave me 48 hours notice to drive 10 hours to see her. I spent everything I had to get a court order showing that I could see her and then my attorney quit. I now need to get an attorney to enforce the prior orders. The $5,000 goal would be a great start... I have never drank, done drugs, been arrested, abused my ex, done anything to jeopardize the safety of my daughter. My siblings tell me constantly that I'm a better father figure to their children than they are. However, my ex-wife's (pro-bono) attorney has made my life hell... She lives 800 miles away from me and all the cards are stacked against me. However, I've documented six months of attempts to see my daughter and outright ignorance or denials delayed until after I would buy non-refundable airline tickets are just a few of the tactics that my ex-wife has used. Her attorney has recently got me terminated from a good job by submitting libelous material to my employer. Like I said, he is out for blood and has destroyed my life the most he possiby could. I really don't care about my situation, I just want to see my daughter. Thank you for any little bit that you can help me with...



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