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Please help my family

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I am trying to raise money for my family. I have tried to think about fundraisers but it costs money and that is something we don't have. Our daughter has sturge webber syndrome,she has seizures and slow development problems. I have to stay home with her. My boyfriend was working and things were ok but now he has been layed off. I have to homeschool our daughter and do so through,but I can't pay the internet/phonebill so it will be just like any school and be like truancey because i can not continue her education. We could not pay the rent at the first of this month with her disability because we paid a couple of our truck payments and had to put gas in the truck for him to look for work. He has been looking on craigslist and everywhere there are people working he has stopped and asked if they need help. He was installing medical equiptment in hospitals. I f anyone could donate anything to my cause it would be helpful. If you do not want to give cash I would give you the info to pay the bills directly so that you would know that is what it is going for. Our little one would not understand why she couldn't do school anymore and it would cause her to be so upset she would go into seizures and then she would not understand being homeless,she has no concept of paying rent. if anyone knows of any jobs open anywhere doing anything. We need at least two truck payments made so that we can continue to take her to her dr. appt. Our oldest daughter just got a part time job for the first time but she will loose it if we loose our vehicle and can not get her there she hasn't even gotten her first paycheck. We are trying very hard and have already sold everything of value to keep gas and can't sell our computer because we rent it from rent a center and not even sure if we are going to be able to keep it. we have to to have it for her schooling and for him to try to find work. We were doing just great and now our world is crashing down on us. Please if anyone reading this can help or wants to help or knows any charities that are real and help please let me know. You can look that up,what she has is a real disease and this is not a joke.



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Mary is working on selecting a charity so you can support Please help my family.