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My name is Anton Casian, I'm 26 years old. Thank you for reading my story. I was born with a congenital disease: Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease. The first symptoms of the disease have appeared in March 2010. While climbing stairs of the student hostel, I felt a strong pain in my chest, then I fainted. After medical examination, I was told I needed a heart surgery. At first, the price for the surgery was very low for some, but too high for my family (parents, 3 brothers and 6 sisters), € 1000. After two weeks, I came home. My sister, Lucia, who in 2010 was working in Germany, sent me the money. I went to the hospital, but the doctor said that the surgery cost € 2,000 this time. The price doubled within two weeks. I had not that money and my sister could not send more. After the first incident, I can run like 10 meters. I can walk like 50-60 meters, then I have to take a break for a minute or two, then walk again. After a month, I called to the hospital to see if the surgery could be paid with € 1000. The doctor said that it was not possible, moreover, the surgery cost around € 3000. During that month of price changing doctors around the country were asking for more funds for hospitals. Even if I had health insurance, the hospital could not sustain the surgery. I had to pay every cost related to surgery, even doctors (eg anesthesiologist). The doctor told me that I could live with the disease for several years, but I had to follow a few conditions of life. Which I did, in the limits of my parents' budget. I have not received any medical treatment. I have also postponed the surgery for the day when I had money. The summer passed, and with the € 1000 I paid some food, books and the rent for a few months. I decided to work and make money after finishing college. So I could get a good job. I learned well: out of 5 years I paid tuition fee only for the first year; I received monthly study scholarship and in the last year I received a monthly scholarship for scientific excellence. I participated in student conferences and internships. I was Erasmus student in Warsaw, Poland. I came back in Romania with the highest grades. In July 2011, I received a BA in International Relations and European Studies, and in July 2013 I received a MA in Security and International Relations. In October 2013 I had my first job, in Slovakia at Samsung. It was not a job in my specialization. I went to work in order to make money. I put aside the dream of working in the specialization. The heart pain reappeared there. I came home after a month. Meanwhile, my parents had to postpone my surgery to take care of my sisters: to finish at least high school. In January 2014, I decided to use my ideas for stories and research in my specialization. I hoped this was a good solution for my problem. In three weeks I wrote 52 short stories. Within 2 months I managed to translate into English 32... well in a bad English... Although the short stories had a meaning in my native language, it was not the same in English. They had no success. In September 2014, I wrote a romance story. I published it using my name. Once again without success. After two weeks, I withdrew the story and republished it using a pen name. In two weeks I sold 24 copies! In a Sunday morning, I reread what I wrote. I was not proud of the words that I used. I could not see it published. I withdrew the story for ever. In November 2014, I got a second job: teacher in a neighboring village. It was a contract for 7 months. Research ideas - well for some ideas I still need to read then to write. I research: world state, LGBT community, feminism and religion. In December 2014, I decided to develop a structure of explanation of the science in International Relations (IR). First version was written in the second year of study, for me. Who knows, perhaps it is useful for IR students or for those interested in IR. While I was working as a teacher, I researched about how to extend my structure of explanation. In February 2015, I began to write it, but in March I had a problem with the sciatic nerve. I postponed to write it for summer 2015 and I estimated that I would publish it in autumn, but in June the disease returned, and I do not think it will ever happen. In June 14, 2015, 5 years after the first intervention at the hospital, the disease returned. While sitting on a chair, my heart began to beat so strong that the whole body was covered by small convulsions. My mother found me. I was taken to hospital. I got the same information as in 2010: I need a surgery. In June, 17, I had the third incident, and in that night I had the fourth incident. Now I'm home. I received a medical treatment but only to calm the heart. I take medication, yet heart reacts ugly. During night severe beats appear, and sometimes I cannot sleep. Also walking is hard. I get tired very quickly. In five years the disease has advanced and the price of the surgery has increased enormously. Total fee is around € 10.000. Once again, I cannot pay and I need a surgery urgently. This surgery will give me the chance to live. I want to have a family. Children. To work. My home... To finish the structure of explanation in IR, short and long stories (some of them are about world state, LGBT, feminism), other papers are in IR. I want to contribute with something in my domain and in this world. Who knows, perhaps I can bring some novelty... The idea of ​​making a call to global population, came from my mother, in 2010. But I refused. I said it was my case and I was the one who had to pay for the surgery. Now in 2015, I do not have funds. Here I'm, with a global call. This funds are for: - second medical consultation fee - surgery fee (most expensive) - part of treatment post surgery fee (home treatment) - transport from home to hospital and back - other medical services that may arise. Any support will be greatly appreciated. The funds not used to cover costs will be donated to other social causes. After the surgery, the bills will be made publicly, also the remained funds (if applicable). Please support by spreading the word on social media. Share my campaign with your friends and family on Facebook and via email. Thank you in advance for the overwhelming support! With gratitude, Anton Casian Sibiu, Romania, European Union Contact: Facebook: Google +: Twitter: Linkedin:


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