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Lora Winters' Fundraiser:

Please save my dog life by giving a donation of $800

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BENEFITING: Guide Dogs For The Blind Inc

EVENT DATE: Feb 01, 2014

Lora Winters


I would like for you to meet my dog name, Crumbles. Crumbles has been a a wonderful child to me. I love and take good care of her. She has good qualities of behavior. Everyone enjoys being around Crumbles because she is very friendly, affectionate and energetic. You would feel as If she is your very own dog. I have a busy life during the weekdays: I have a part-time job, I take good care of my parents, and I devote part time studying my medical course. My friend once asked me If I ever wanted to give Crumbles and I told her there is nothing in the world I would do to trade her. This Christmas I gave Crumbles a monthly dog subscription prize called "BarkBox" The box came with a blue collar, dog treats such as fruitables and a healthy bone treat, It came with calm k9 supplements and the best treat In the box, a Crumbles favorite toys, colorful plush bones. She loves to play with different colorful bones. She loves all colors. It was a day after Christmas when Crumbles became so attached to her color plush bone. One morning Crumbles got up from bed and started barking in the closet, (I keep all of her toys in the closet, so that she gets her rest and sleep during the night.) Once she has her toys, she never break away to sit for more than 3 minutes. A friend asked me If I ever get tired of Crumbles playing, I said "You can never get tired of something you love". Before Crumbles I was a very lonely sad woman: My two of my cats were missing for three years and never found, the man I loved were no longer in my life, an old best friend backstabbed me and I grew up in a poor conditioned home. So as you know, I had a pretty terrible life before I had a dog. I've always wanted a dog since I was 13. Until one day me and this man was buying fruit from off the stand. This man approached and asked If I was interested In owning a dog or a cat. I didn't wanted a cat or a dog at the time because I felt like I didn't deserve to have anymore cats after my cats disappearance. I had no hope whatsoever. From after having your heart demolished, how can you ever give any living being your heart when It's destroyed? Everything I owned, vanished! So I told the man that I don't deserve to have any pets. He gave me this flyer paper of his new pet shop he owned and told me "There is always a missing puzzle to your heart. Sometimes you just have to really look for It" Then he asked me do I have a dog and I said no but always wanted to own a puppy since I was a kid. The owner once said "finding a pet that matches your heart is like finding your true love" So I went to the pet shop, searched around and I seen these wondering pets. I seen a dog of my liking. This dog happen to love me. The dog kept barking and looking at me. The dog had beautiful clean white fur, bright eyes and a cute fluffy tail. I asked the pet shop owner If he could open the cage and let me see the dog and suddenly the dog jumps on me and licks my face. I soon feel a connection, a warm affectionate connection I have never felt in a long time. This dog brought warmness to my soul. I felt like I knew this dog for a very long time. I hug an squeezed and even gave the dog a kiss. The affection went on for 5 minutes and then I had let go. The pet shop owner put the dog away and asked me If I was interested in owning the dog? I didn't know what choice to make. I walked away and looked at other pets and that's when I suddenly heard the dog barking, looking at me and jumping. I couldn't understand the reason why he was barking. The dog was perfectly quite and still before the man open the cage. I asked "Does that dog bark a lot?" The man replied, "No" actually that dog is always a quiet, even when you take her out the cage. I asked what was the dog name and he told me her name is Crumbles. He introduced me to Crumbles life, he told me about her past owner. Crumbles never had a family, she grew up place to place. Someone owned her and gave her up the next month. She was practically an orphan all her life. After the pet owner told me bits and pieces of Crumbles, I soon felt as If I could relate to Crumbles life. We both been betrayed and never and never received any love. I automatically wanted to own Crumbles, so I took her in and signed the application. I finally owned a dog! I couldn't believe It. Once I took her in my arms, I felt like I found the missing love to my heart. It was meant for me to have a wonderful dog in my arms. Once I took her inside, Crumbles couldn't stop from to take a minute around home. She kept licking me, and jumping on me. Since Crumbles came home, she couldn't leave my tail. Until that night, she slept on my bed. I felt like I knew this dog for ages. I did so much with this dog. I watched films with this dog, I went to various of places with this dog, I even had family getaways with this dog. We became very close over the years. I had crumbles for 3 and the half years. I couldn't help but cry while writing this. Now that I told you how I got Crumbles, I will tell you whyCrumbles is in need for a donation. Five days after New Years, I noticed crumbles were not like her normal self. She is usually energetic, playful, affectionate, clingy and silly. One her grumpy days when she finally want to be left alone, she would still be in the room with me or my parents. I remind you, she is very friendly. That day I seen Crumbles in her bed for a little more than. She never likes to be left alone. I thought maybe she was sick. A day past and I became worried and wondered why Crumbles wasn't her usual self. She didn't eat, bark, play, jump, lick and she didn't even play with her bone plushies. Crumbles wasn't even excited when I showed her the bark box. Crumbles just has plenty of water. I doubted her illness twice. I didn't want to think about bringing Crumbles to the vet but deep down inside I knew there were something wrong and she needed to see a vet fast. I finally make an appointment to see the veterinarian. A day later I took Crumbles to the vet. An hour later they told me I needed to leave crumbles and come back the next day. I cried and went home like If there was my heart left behind a stranger. I was worried and couldn't sleep that day. The next day finally comes and I hurried out the door and went to see how Crumbles were doing. The vet comes out of his office and tells me that he has bad news, I began to painfully cry and asked why" He said that Crumbles is diagnosed with a disease called "pyometra" pyometra is a serious life threatening disease and It can become worse If or perhaps even take Crumbles life If she doesn't get her surgery. The cost of Crumbles procedure is $1200. Thank you for my parents for giving up what they can for Crumbles surgery. I took all I can to have the right amount. Sadly I do not have any more funds to pay for Crumbles surgical treatment. I have no other options. I asked family members If i could borrow money and they didn't have It, I applied for loans at the bank and they declined me. Please save Crumbles life and make a donation. I would even pay you back monthly. I just need Crumbles in my life. I don't know what i would do without her.



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