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Plumbers Without Borders is connecting volunteer Plumbers around the world with organizations working at the community level as well as the global level helping to bring safe water and sanitation to those in need. We are building a global database of volunteer Plumbers, and establishing local chapters around the world for Plumbers everywhere who wish to serve in their communities or lend their support in times of natural disasters. 

Fred C. Schilling, Certified Master Plumber and Backflow expert, pictured here, from his last trip to Haiti,with a future Haitian Plumber, is coordinating an effort to improve instructional resources in Haiti. Not only does his mission include installing water filtration systems in key facilties in Haiti, but also teaching local vocational Plumbing students how to install and maintain these systems, so they can achieve self-sufficiency, long term. 


Let's help Fred to help these Haitian Plumbing apprentices with the proper tools to apply their eager willingness to learn and serve their community. Many lives will be forever changed, once adequate plumbing and sanitation is implemented!

Thank you!