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Poland Spring NYC Marathon Photo

The Story

As the official bottled water of the ING New York City Marathon, Poland Spring 100% Brand Natural Spring Water takes its community responsibility seriously. In an attempt to bolster the communities the brand calls home Poland Spring has offered many of its entries to the marathon to participants who are raising money for various charitable organizations.

Nestlé Waters North America calls over 100 communities across the United States home, taking great pride in the relationships that we continue to foster with those who live in, work in, and govern them. We strive to become active participants in the communities where we operate, contributing both to the economic and social well being of those areas.

What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

For us at Nestlé Waters, it means

- Demonstrating integrity and accountability
- Working collaboratively and sharing our passion for a clean planet
- Supporting community development projects with product and financial donations, employment opportunities and participation in volunteer programs
Helping in times of need

We consistently go above and beyond the minimum and actively put our words into action. Here are 10 ways that we go about achieving this.

- Open Communication: Public forums, local Web sites, and community days are just a few of the ways that we keep open lines of communication with our neighbors.

- Environmental Excellence: From our natural resource managers -- the "watchdogs for sustainability" – to our efforts to reduce packing and to design green facilities, we strive to do right by the environment throughout our entire business cycle.

- Responsible Spring Water Resource Management: Our long-term water monitoring, helps to ensure that our use of the sites remains sustainable.

- Water Resource Relations: In addition to managing our springs, our practices are designed to respect the health and diversity of the surrounding environment.

- Sustainable Land Use: Because the spring sites we select are often in quiet, undeveloped settings, our spring facilities often serve to preserve large tracts of land in its natural state.

- Traffic Mitigation: We work with local planning officials to conform to all traffic ordinances that apply to the area and the operation, and where possible and appropriate, take steps to improve the potential impacts.

- Exemplary Employment Practices: Our employees are talented, action-oriented individuals who share our will-do attitude, our commitment to community, and respect for each other and the environment.

- Water Education: We take a leadership role in teaching today’s students – from elementary school to doctoral candidates – to appreciate and conserve water.

- Emergency Relief: In times of emergencies, we’re doing our part - providing helping hands and bottled water when a community’s water supplies are interrupted.

- Community Giving: We work with local communities to determine their specific needs. We’ve helped with emergency equipment and have provided bottled water for community events.

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2013 NYC Marathon

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Hole in the Wall Gang

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