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Polaris Productions Inc

Help us raise money to get the kids' production of Les Miserables to the stage this April. Tax ID 27-4229192


We are a youth theater company.  Our primary purpose is to create a safe, non-competitive and fun space where kids of all levels of experience are welcome, and where they can be in their own production of a popular Broadway musical. 

Musical theater is a powerful force for growth and positive change in kids' lives.  It teaches life skills like leadership, empathy, comminication, cooperation and much more.  It builds confidence, character, self-discipline and responsibility. 

Theater also provides kids with a positive outlet for their creative and self-expressive impulses. 

For kids who are interested in pursuing careers in the performing arts, performance experience is essential -- and that is what Polaris provides.

Finally, a Polaris theater production is an artistic community of kids who accept each other as they are.  They understand that everyone is different, and that there's strength in those differences.  Many kids feel like they belong here -- Polaris is a place where they can just be themselves.  They understand that each of them is unique, and each of them brings something special to the production.  The strongest and most effective ensembles are created when kids welcome each other and work together as one. 

More than ever before, this is what we're seeing happen with Les Miserables.  It's a wonderful thing to watch unfold, and it's a real privilege to be working with this cast.