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Porfirio's ALZ Fundraiser

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This year I'm donating my birthday to Hilarity For Charity a movement that helps raise awareness of Alzheimer's Disease. The money raised will go to families struggling with Alzheimer's care and funding for the support and research of ALZ. Reason: My grandpa Porfirio was diagnosed with Alzheimer's over a year ago, along with pancreatic cancer. He is sadly no longer with us, due to complications that resulted from the cancer, nonetheless seeing him struggle with AlZ was difficult. He began to forget names and how to do basic everyday things, things that we take for granted. He slowly became a shadow of the man he once was. A man that brought his family to the United States from Mexico on the efforts of his labor, and that cared deeply for them until his last day. That is why I want to donate my birthday and raise money, however small the amount, towards this cause. I want to help other families affected by ALZ and for them to know that there is help in their fight. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any amount that you are able to contribute is appreciated.




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