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Port Of Hope Outreach

A Community Enrichment Program

Tax ID 20-4226976


Port of Hope Outreach is a non-profit community program that works in conjunction with multiple community programs throughout the Denver Metro Area.

    Our goal is to assist adult males, adult females, infants, elders and any families whose lives have been disrupted by domestic violence and substance abuse. This year alone we have changed the course of over 700 lives through our program. We achieved this end by providing opportunities for complete lifestyle change through healthy supportive relationships, with emphasis on substance abstinence. We assist those coming out of prison with housing, employment, furniture, clothing, and household items.

    Port of Hope relies heavily on the support of responsible businesses and friends in reaching these goals. We are currently seeking donations of overstock products, clothing, food, backpacks, wallets, furniture, athletic apparel, cash, and any normally discarded items.