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Potential Energy, Inc.

Potential Energy, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Mar 28, 2013
Tax ID: 26-1321043
BASED: Berkeley, CA, United States


Potential Energy, Inc.

Women in Africa

We bring life-improving technologies, such as clean cookstoves, to women in Africa.

Potential Energy’s mission is to bring life-improving technologies and economic stability to people in developing nations. Our first initiative, The Darfur Stoves Project, was developed to improve the safety and livelihoods of Darfuri women by providing customized, fuel-efficient stoves that reduce firewood collection and consumption. We have just transitioned to selling the stoves, using innovative marketing and financing schemes, and are helping our local partner to create a sustainable, ongoing cookstovebusiness. We are now expanding our operations to create a viable, sustainable cookstovemarket in Ethiopia, and we are poised to do the same throughout the developing world in order to help millions of people begin to realize their potential. 

Tax ID: 26-1321043 •


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