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Co-Founders of Poverty Resolutions, Andrew and Matt Jones, have maintained their passion for the people of Haiti and are dedicated to making a significant and long-term impact there. Since 2010, Poverty Resolutions has focused on sustainable solutions to help eliminate the poverty within the nation of Haiti. Previous projects include: building greenhouses, contracting and running a tilapia farm, sponsoring the education of many children, funding and distributing microfinance loans, supporting entrepreneurs, beginning to build a men's transition center, and empowering Haitians in a variety of other ways. Tax ID 27-1895442


What is Poverty Resolutions and what do we do?

Poverty Resolutions is a non-profit organization that is based out of Doylestown, PA and the heart of our organization is to eliminate poverty around the world. We had spent twenty-days days, back in 2010, living in a tent city in Haiti, trying to get a deeper understanding of what living in poverty was like. We were blown away by what we saw, what we experienced, and the emotions we felt. Since then, our goal has been to change Haiti and to eventually change the world. The main way we do this is through raising awareness and raising support. 

Poverty Resolutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of poverty around the world. We aim to educate others in order to increase awareness of global poverty and to also inspire people to take action. In Haiti, we provide sustainable solutions to poverty, which empower individuals and organizations to meet the needs of their communities.


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