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Power Up Gambia works to improve health care in The Gambia, West Africa by providing reliable electricity for hospitals and clinics through sustainable solar energy solutions. Our mission is simple - we use the power of the sun to save lives Tax ID 27-1568958


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Humor us and entertain this hypothetical:

Let's say you're pregnant (congrats! any names picked out?) and the baby is on its way. Now imagine that your doctor tells you that you’re going to deliver your baby in pitch-black. Oh, and by the way, your new child won't get vaccinated because the refrigerator shut down and everything inside has spoiled. And, if your baby is premature, the incubator might work, but then again, it might not… is this thing on?

How would you react? Just breathe deep, and hope for the best? 

This is a reality for many people in The Gambia.  Not just expectant mothers, but anybody seeking medical care. Electricity in this country is so scarce and unreliable that these conditions are a concern to Gambian medical providers and patients every day.

Babies being delivered by candlelight, drugs going bad left and right, diagnostic testing being delayed…

The Gambia doesn't have a whole lot of electricity, but it does have a lot of energy—SOLAR ENERGY—and that's where Power Up Gambia comes in.

We harness this amazing natural resource by installing solar panel systems with backup storage capabilities, literally powering up health care facilities all over the country. Plus, we work with local communities, building relationships with staff and the people of neighboring villages, which makes our work sustainable over the long run.

By using green energy technology, our high-impact on health care comes with low-impact on the environment. As if that wasn't enough, we're based in Philly, home of the cheesesteak and all things brotherly-love. Need we say more?

Now that we've blown your mind with awesomeness, you probably want to know how to help out. You're in the right place. And you have a choice:

  1. Be cool and click ‘Donate’.
  2. Be ridiculously cool, and click 'Join the Team'

We like option #2.  That’s because it’s a Win-Win-Win:

  1. You do something you’re already doing (spending way too much time on Facebook, Twitter and so on),
  2. We get what we’re doing done faster,
  3. Gambian hospitals and clinics get reliable electricity and lives are saved!  Woot!

So, become a living, breathing fundraiser, and you help us spread the word!  Tell everyone what a great cause this is, and what a big difference they can make in The Gambia, because it IS a big difference. 

Put it on that great blog of yours, tell your friends and make them tell their friends, and pretty soon, the work is done. 

Now go out there and make us some money!  Have at it!  (No, seriously--make us money.)

And while you're doing that, jam to some awesome Gambian music.

Find out how you can help: Raise money for us on Crowdrise, check out our webpage, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!