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Redefine the summer learning experience for low-income students in New York City and beyond. Tax ID 38-3849473


Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) addresses inequities in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods through a comprehensive summer learning model. Research has found that two-thirds of the achievement gap between lower and higher income youth can be explained by unequal access to summer learning opportunities. During the summer, it has been found that students lose between 2.5 to 3.5 months of academic learning. This is known as the summer learning loss.


PMP combats the summer learning loss by implementing a proven “near-peer” model to support students from kindergarten through college matriculation. Our programs pair skills development for younger students with leadership development, career training, and college prep for older students. Through a unique multi-relational approach, PMP matches academically struggling elementary and middle school students with older, higher achieving mentor peers from the same inner-city neighborhoods. This occurs under the supervision of trained college interns for a five-week, full-day academic experience.


Why Donate?

Donating today will help PMP meet our goal of serving 500 students for the Summer 2015.  It will help struggling learners develop confidence and strong academic habits. It will help high achieving students reach their full potential through leadership training and enrichment activities. It will help college students gain hands-on teaching experience to help them make informed decisions about the teaching profession.

This full-fledged community approach ensures that everyone is working towards achieving a better tomorrow. Donate today!

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