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Prairie Rivers Of Iowa Resource Conservation And Development Inc

Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s mission is “to promote economic development through the restoration and conservation of Iowa’s cultural and natural resources.”

WWW.PRRCD.ORG Tax ID 42-1498214


Prairie Rivers of Iowa has three key program focuses: Watersheds and Waterways, Outdoor Learning Environments, and the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway (LHHB.) Operational funds will support the overall LHHB program. The LHHB has a fulltime Coordinator supporting the cultural resources in 13 counties and 43 communities, traveling over 460 miles in Iowa. A significant amount of time is spent by the Byway Coordinator keeping up-to-date with the inter-workings of each community, raising funds for projects, sharing Byway project progress, and networking with community organizations.  The funds raised by CrowdRise would go towards Prairie Rivers of Iowa to staff and house ongoing support for this unique program. In addition, we have a very limited travel budget so we utilize the internet, email, or phone calls when possible, however working on cultural projects sometimes requires face-to-face meetings