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Plant the Seeds. Grow the Movement. Lets end childhood brain cancer. Tax ID 03-0608143


What can you say about a 7-year-old girl who never stopped praying for others while battling terminal brain cancer? 
You can say that she inspired a MOVEMENT.   

Maria McNamara was enjoying life, taking dance lessons and playing with her brothers, when she was suddenly diagnosed with one of the deadliest and least understood childhood brain tumors. While Maria was receiving treatment at St. Jude, she made many new friends who were fighting just like she was. Maria started praying for them every night, hoping the doctors would find a way to make them better. Those prayers continued until her own battle ended a year later on July 14, 2007. Maria’s selfless simple prayers became an inspiration that ignited a Movement. Those prayers of hope live on today through the Prayers From Maria Foundation and Maria's Field of Hope.  

What is the Movement?  

It is a mission to finally honor childhood cancer patients with the attention they deserve, by reversing the tragic lack of funding and promoting meaningful brain cancer research for kids.  

How are we Growing it?  

To date, we have announced over $1 million in grants to fund groundbreaking brain cancer research. Maria's Sunflower Field of Hope is planted each year along I-90 in Avon, Ohio as a symbol of hope for children battling cancer and in memory of those children who have died. 

For more information about Prayers from Maria and its impact on childhood brain tumor research, visit